Friday, February 25, 2011

Snowdrop is home.
Thank goodness for that, we were so worried, we thought we Had lost her.
Murray the vet had to give her oxygen monday and tuesday night to see her through the night.
When the vet had the blood test results and showed she had been poisoned he started the anti-biotic straight away, and after 2 days she was well enough to come home.
She has lost a lot of weight and is feeling groggy at the moment.
But her appetite has come back a bit and she is eating a little more now, however, we have to give her a 6Th of an tablet 3 times a day. I know this sounds funny and I must admit I have never heard of this before but it is because they are so strong if you give her a whole one it would do more harm than good.
Little and often as they say.
So, now we can relax and enjoy having her home.
Thank god for that.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We know now what was wrong with snowdrop, she has been poisoned!
Rat poison to be percise.
She must have eaten a rat (yuk!) that had been poisoned.
Now that they know exactly what is wrong they can treat her for it. But the vet did warn us that it is a 50/50 chance if she survives.
So, it wasn't asthma or pnuemonia as the vet thought at one time,it's poison!
Let us hope she survives.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I had a weeks holiday last week and we decided to go away for a few days.
So, we booked to got to the Commodor hotel in Sandbay,which is about 5 miles from Western-super-mare.
We went for 3 days and it was a lovely break.
We love western and often go there for a day out, so we were looking forward to it.
The hotel was lovely and the food was delicious, although to be truthful we did eat out a couple of nights.
We arrived on saturday and went for a carvery in the hotel that night, and it was delicious I must admit.
Sunday we went for a chinese meal and we did so enjoy that!
Monday we went for an Indian meal and we do so enjoy that!
Tuesday, after a lovely breakfast we came home.
When we go away, we have a lovely neighbour who feeds snowdrop for us.
Everything was fine and we even popped down to Oxford on sunday to see the family.
When we came back snowdrop was fine and we gave her 2 chews that she loves, but she only ate one.
We thought it was strange, as she loves her food, but thought no more of it.
I got up monday morning and gave her her breakfast, but she only ate half of it. I went to work and she seemed fine.
When i got home about 2pm monday afternoon, geoff says he didn't think snowdrop was very well. I must admit I hadn't realised as I hadn't been home very long and was feeling tired.
However, we both noticed that her breathing wasn't quite right,by that I mean she was breathing very fast and although she wasn't actually panting there was something wrong.
I rang the vet and made an appointment for that afternoon.
Off we went and as soon as we walked in the vet, Murray, took her off us and listened to her heart,he said he wasn't happy with it and he was examining her everywhere but she didn't flinch which proved she wasn't in pain. He then took her temperature and that was normal.
We could not work out what was wrong with her and he kept asking us questions. When was the last time she had eaten,has she been sick.
No, was the answer to that.
He even asked us if it was possible she had been run over.
We know she hadn't been.
Anyway, he checked her teeth and gums and said they were pale and quite blue.
He said he wanted to keep her in hospital overnight to x-ray her and take blood tests this we agreed to willingly.
It was most peculiar to go home without her but we knew she was in good hands.
I rang the vets this morning and he said he was quite please with her and the x-ray was fine but still waiting for the blood tests results and he thinks she had had an asthma attack, although she is only about 4 years old and quite young to have this as it usually happens to older cats.
We felt better hearing that and said we would ring later to see how she is then.
We did ring about 6pm but unfortunately, she had deteriorated. Her breathing was fast and irregular and she was fighting for breath.
He was very kind but also honest with us and said he will keep her in hospital tonight as she is too ill to come home and hopes that she will be better tomorrow.
But he did warn us it could be tragic.
We can only wait now and see what happens.
I pray she gets through this.

Friday, February 04, 2011

I heard some sad news yesterday and I am so bloody angry.
Going back some years ago,when I lived at home in Oxford and when geoff and I first met in 1976,we used to go to the Cowley Workers club.
We loved it, it was a great club and everyone got on so well. We used to play snooker and bingo and we just had a great laugh.
Well, there was one man everyone avoided, he name was Joe.
Joe who then was in his early sixties, was a nasty little man who upset everyone (and he was little as well, he was just 5'ft tall and weighed about 8 stone) and he used to call everyone all the names under the sun, He didn't even say it in a quiet voice, he used to make sure they heard him.
Nobody took much notice of him and we used to laugh and just say, here he goes again.
However after a year or so,it did then start to get on your nerves and everyone got to hate him.
No matter what you said to him he was always ready with an insult.
"You fucking bastard....." was his usual remark.
Nobody understood why he was allowed back in the club, he should have been banned.
We know he lost his wife some years before and his daughter, sue, was looking after him.
But he did not appreciate it one little bit.
Sue worked full time and looked after joe, cooking, cleaning,and the usual housework things, and seven nights a week she drove him up to the club and then went back at eleven to pick him up.
She was shattered.
Sometimes at the weekend she used to stay with him, and what a grand night she had.
He was still the same, cursing, shouting.

Once we asked her why she stayed with him and got the obvious answer that he was her dad and he wouldn't know how to boil a kettle for a cup of tea let alone cook any food.She also said he was as bad as this when he was at home, swearing, cursing, about nothing in particular, just life.
Sue was a heavy smoker and we all knew why,having to put up with him.
About a year ago, Joe died quite suddenly, and nobody was sorry.
We all felt relief for sue because now she could relax and have a life of her own.
She had a boyfriend and ,of course, Joe did not like him, although he was fine really.
So, instead of getting married they just stayed as boyfriend/girlfriend.
Her boyfriend could not live with sue and her dad. Nobody could.
My mum told me that she had found out that sue had not been well but did not know exactly what was wrong with her.
A friend of ours then told us that sue had got lung cancer.
We couldn't believe it.
After all she had gone through with joe, the absolute hell he put her through.
She was told she only had a few months to live.
My mum phoned me yesterday and yes, you're right.
Sue had died.
Luckily, her sister and her boyfriend was with her when she passed away.
But what is making my blood boil is that joe was not just a nasty little man and upset many, many people, he also killed sue.
That nasty little bastard put sue through so much stress and strain she had a very unhappy life.
If she wasn't under so much stress with him for so long she may have not smoked, or, if she did, she probably would not have smoked so much.
She would not have got lung cancer and ended her life so early.
She was 56 years old.
R.I.P Sue.
At last she can rest.