Monday, August 27, 2007

At work the other day, I was working on the four self scan tills we have, when an elderly lady called me over to say she had put £20.00 in the till but she had not received the change.
I looked at the till and saw that the "amount received" was £0.00 I was immediately suspicious of this as it should have read "amount received £20.00, so I explained to the lady that I would have to get the cash office out to check this. She was a little hesitant about this but when I explained that I could not open the tills and that the cash office were the only people with the key, she relented and said that was o.k.

It took some time before anyone came out of the cash office (as always) and she was getting a little impatient. Mind you, so was I by then.

I kept apologising saying they won't be long but time went on and on. In the end she turned and yelled at me:

"You don't believ me do you? What are you saying ......that I didn't put any money in it. That I am a thief and a liar."

Well, everyone turned round and was looking and they were waiting for my reply. Realizing that this situation was just about to get out of hand and that you cannot have a customer yelling that sort of accusation at you in front of everyone, I turned and said:

"No,no, my love, that is what I was just going to tell you....we will refund your £20.00. It has probably got stuck in the drawer of the till."

She then calmed down and nodded her head in agreement.

At that time I then had to run to the checkout manager and eplain what had happened, she said I did the right thing and she then ran to the cash office to get the £20.00.

I smiled at the lady and said:
"Right then, lets put this £20.00 note through."

She smiled and then.....she just burst into tears.

I put my arm around her and said:
"Oh no, please don't cry, I didn't mean to upset you."

She shook her head and said:
"No, my love, it's not you, I have just lost my husband and I can't think straight at the moment."

"Oh, I am sorry, " I said. "You are a regular aren't you?" I asked with a smile."
"We always see you in here and we do so look forward to seeing you, and we always have a laugh don't we?"

In actual fact I did not know this lady at all, really, I was just saying that to calm her down.

She smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

She took her change and I help to pack her bag. She went merrily on her way.
I went back to Gail, the manager, and apologised again and explained what the lady had said.

"It's alright annette." Gail said. "Your right, we do know this lady...she's done this before! And she hasn't just lost her husband....he died five years ago."

You could have knocked me down with a feather.

I have been doing shop work for over 20 years and I can usually tell when someone is coming it. But that lady, well, she had me fooled!

We laughed about it afterwards but I fumed for a while.

I shall watch her if she comes in again, that's for sure.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Watched 'Hot Fuzz' last night.

Brilliant, very funny.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ever wondered just how much your employer values you?

Last week at work I went up for my usual break about 10.00a.m. Now, since the smoking ban I do not bother to go out for a ciggie so I just have a bit of cereal and I'm perfectly happy with that.

I went up to the till with my dish of cereal, Rice Crispies to be percise, when Andre, the manager, came up to me and put his arms around me.

"Annette" he said. "congratulations, do you know you've been here for 17 years?"

"Oh yes" I said. "but you get less for murder." I said with a grin.

He ignored this.

He squeezed me a bit nearer to him and with a big grin on his face he said:

"Here, let me buy you your breakfast."

"Thankyou." I said. "Very kind of you."

"Oh, we like to show how much we appreciate long serving staff." He said with a big smile on his face.

I smiled at him as he handed over his card to pay for my breakfast.

Julie ran the price up on the till.

All of 22p.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

16 year old PCSO's?

Your joking.

If I was stopped and questioned by one of them I would laugh and tell them to p**s off.

Please read this blog, "The life & times of a girl next door".

She says it all.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can someone please tell me, how do I put pictures and "youtube" on my blog page?

I have been blogging for well over 2 years now, this is not my first blogging site, and I have only just learnt how to put Youtube on my site. But I do not know how to put it actually on my blogging page.

We did not bother with pictures and youtube on my last blogging site. It was not needed.

When I have tried to put pictures on, it took so long, I got so fed up with it and then I deleted it. Patience is not my strong point!

Can you tell me please?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

How many times have you tried to blog only to keep getting things popping up on your page saying : ALERT:"Trojan Horse"?
We are sick of seeing this keep popping up on our screen.
We have an anti virus on our computer, so why does it keep happening?

P.S. It has just done it again!!
It's not often I come across an advert that I actually like but I must admit that there is one I love to watch.
It's an advert for a VW Golf car, but it has something that other adverts haven't.

The music for a start:
"Oh, yes I'm the great pretender."

It's playing in the background as the advert is shown.

There is a young, handsome man, always the life and soul of the party, even at work. Laughing and joking with everybody as if he hasn't got a care in the world.Everybody's friend.

Then you see him at home eating a chinese takeaway, and he's looking very sad and lonely.
This is a bit of a shock as it does not go with his profile.
The next day you see him drive to a hotel, he gets out of his car in his usual flippant way and throws his car keys to the doorman, again, laughing as if he is the happiest man around, and then:

shock, horror,

He sees his dream car being driven by another young man,the camera turns and looks at the mans face...suddenly his smile has gone and he looks very sad.
He's so dissappointed because he hasn't got that particular car! You can see and feel the sadness in his face.
The music is still playing......"Oh yes, I'm the great pretender......."

It is a brilliant advert..
Is there one you particulary like?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Of all the blogsites I visit, one of my favourites is Dr. Wang's, he is from palm springs.
He posts some beautiful photos. But on this occasion he has done a blog which rang a bell with me:
"Your most embarrassing moments."

Well you know mine.

Well,it is a good blog and very funny and so is some of the comments made by people who also have had embarrassing moments.

Here are some examples:

empress bee:
43 years ago, when I was expecting my first child I was asked to take a urine sample with me to the hospital. When I got there everyone had these little small jars with a sample.
I brought a mayonnaise was full.

I was at my specialist office when I went in the bathroom to give a sample, and I knocked the cup over.
"OH SHIT, YOU BASTARD!!!" I yelled.
I walked out to tell them what had happened only to be informed that everyone in the office had heard me.
I had to sit in the office for an hour before I had to wee again.

Or going to the school to drop my son off and end up talking to a group of mums for half an hour, get home and realized I never brushed my hair and it was all sticking to one side and straight up.

While roadtripping in CA I had to poop and as there was no rest stop for about 100 miles, the only thing to squat behind was a tumble weed.
It blew away.

One day at work I was on the phone talking to a girlfriend about a date I had been on the night before,(which included "intimate relations") I had no idea I had rested a book on the office intercom.
The whole office had heard me talk about the best sex of the year.
Someone came rushing up to my desk with a look on their face and I looked down and realized what had happened, I was horrified beyond belief!!!

madame x:
exchanging gifts with a boyfriend (serious....wink, wink)...he got me a Seiko "opus" watch Ltd edition.
I got him a beach towel.

That last one is my favourite....I can't stop laughing about it. But, yes, they are all funny. The man with his hair all over the place, I think that's probably happened to all of us, don't you?

If you would like to have a look at his blogsite please go to:
Well now I have finally conkered the "You tube" video thingy, I've gone a bit mad and put my favourite things on my blog.
The funniest pets is, well, funny.
Then you have my fav planet...Jupiter.
Then you have my fav car......Ferrari, and it's just got to be red.

So Please Enjoy.....

Oh sorry Dickiebo.

Friday, August 03, 2007

My god, I've done it.
I've added The Funniest Pets to my blog

There's hope for us all.