Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I could swear!
I,m having great difficulty in leaving comments on your blogs,I don't know why but everytime it asks me to put the word thing in I do it and then it says its not excepted.
Dickiebo, yours seem alright!!! LOL
Bernard, I can't leave a comment on yours.
Sage, the same.
I haven't a clue what to do, as they say. but will try to sort it out.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I have just had a week off work and it has been lovely.The only dissapointing thing about it was the weather,a lot of rain. Still, it didn't really stop us from doing the things we planned.
The one thing I wanted to get my hands on was the garden.
On tuesday it was lovely, sunny and bright so out we go, or should I say out I go! We have a very small front garden which is easy to maintain, its the back one thats bigger and it can look a little over-run.
I mowed both the lawns and then weeded them. I love doing that, getting rid of all the weeds in the garden it looks so much better.Then went round and tidied up the flowers, beheading the old ones that had died.Then I got geoff off his chair (LOL) and he painted the fences with a spray painter, it didn't take that long really,and it looks so much better. He started to do the patio and ran out of paint, isn't that always the way?
So, off we went to buy some more at Focus. While there we say how empty the shop was, they are closing down. Many shop assistants had been working there for years, and now they will be unemployed as no-one could find another job. It was devastating. I really felt for them.
Anyway, we saw that they had halved the price of everything in the store to get rid of it, so we got paint for about £5.oo or so, and then we saw they were selling picket fencing. We thought they look great so we brought some.
They just needed painting so we brought some white paint but because of the weather we haven't had a chance to paint them yet but we will soon.
Apparently its thunder storms tomorrow!
Anyway, back to work monday, so I'll look forward to that (LOL!!!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Re those emails, I have spoken to a friend, Frank,who is good on these things and sage is right.
When you receive these emails, and they are the ones without a heading, do not open them, right hand click on them and "block" them.
If I email you myself, I will always put a heading on it so you know it's from me.
I have been receiving those "postmaster........" meaning they could not send the emails notices in my email account and I said to geoff that I had not sent any.

Again, I apologise to all of you for this inconvenience, it is annoying tho, love to know who did this!

Anyone got a gun????!!!!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I have received some emails from my friends saying they have received emails from me, but they are not from me.
I do not know whats going on, someone has got hold of my email and my list of contacts and sending these emails.They are rubbish ones anyway.
Please just delete them. I do not want them to get hold of yours, if they can, I do not know whats going on. Will try to sort this out.
My apologies to you all.