Friday, February 25, 2011

Snowdrop is home.
Thank goodness for that, we were so worried, we thought we Had lost her.
Murray the vet had to give her oxygen monday and tuesday night to see her through the night.
When the vet had the blood test results and showed she had been poisoned he started the anti-biotic straight away, and after 2 days she was well enough to come home.
She has lost a lot of weight and is feeling groggy at the moment.
But her appetite has come back a bit and she is eating a little more now, however, we have to give her a 6Th of an tablet 3 times a day. I know this sounds funny and I must admit I have never heard of this before but it is because they are so strong if you give her a whole one it would do more harm than good.
Little and often as they say.
So, now we can relax and enjoy having her home.
Thank god for that.


Sage said...

Glad to hear that snowdrop is home, safe and sounder than before.. hopefully she recovers her spirits fast though I can imagine the fun in trying to give her tablets.. xx

Foody said...

That's a huge relief. Iam so glad to hear she came through it.

Bernard said...

Wonderful news. So pleased for both you and Snowdrop. :)