Monday, December 17, 2007

Did any of you watch the final of the X factor?

We did and for the first time ever we phoned in to support Rhydian.
Well, I would have if they had let me. The phones weren't working proper.
All I got was "the phones lines are now closed."

On the television it was saying: telephone lines are now open for voting.

How could Leon win that???
He was tuneless, in fact I don't know why he was in the final, do you?

200weeks has done a blog about the policemen that are on facebook and he has a link to the newspaper report on it, and on that page is also a piece about the phone lines not working on the X factor programme.

I'm not saying it was fiddle it could simple have been a mistake somewhere along the lines, but Leon better than Rhydian?

I don't think so.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Christmas Card ALL MY BLOGGING Snowstorm



Tree AND A Rudolph


XXX Happy New Year

Er, I don't think I will let geoff use my blogging site again, do you?????

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am Geoff, Annette's old man, and i have been regaled for months and months bout her coppers blog or should i say blah blah blah blag. By the great balls of Jeddah where do you get such a load of acrimony from.
Having read the latest gung ho raid by dozens (6) of armed police to arrest just one frail old lady beggars belief given the Menezes row, added to which must be the speeding coppers, also those who stood and watched a young boy drown because they were toooo untrained or toooo
incompetent to get wet. Rather than whingeing on about your pay increase i would have thought a PAY CUT would have been more appropriate. UP THE WORKERS.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I have been reading 200 weeks blog for quite a while and I saw that he had found out what his blog rating was.

So I thought I would do that as well,

This is the result:

My blog is rated 17.
Under 17s requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

Apparently it says that I have used the words:

sex 13x

breast 7x

pain 1x

What does that look like!!!

What kind of blog site do they think I have?!!!

Go on, please, be a devil, try it and see how they rate yours....this will be interesting!

This is the link:

Sunday, December 02, 2007

There was a knock on our front door and as I walked towards it I could see a silhouette of a man dressed very smartly in a dark suit.
Wondering who this could be I carefully opened the door.

"Hello," He said. "what do you think of Gillian Gibbons?"

"Er, pardon?" I said.

"I just wondered what you thought of the school teacher Gillian Gibbons? Do you think she was right?" He asked.

"May I ask who you are?" I asked.

"I'm Malcolm, I am a Jehovah witness." He replied with a big beaming smile.

"Oh, I see." I said

"Do you go to church?" He asked.

I smiled at him (which probably put him off anyway) and said.

"I'm sorry, I am not into discussing my personal details with a stranger and not on the doorstep." I said

"Oh, well what do think about whats going on in this world, will it ever get better?" He asked.

Quietly sighing and taking a deep breathe I repeated what I had just said to him.

"well, we are waiting for god." He replied.

"Really?" I asked. "Well, he's been here for about two and a half thousand years, just how long are you going to wait?"

I was surprised that he looked surprised.

He put his hands together as if going to say a prayer, he then turned and walking down the path he wished me a good day.

Something I said?
Last night we watched the film....."300"

Spartan king Gerald Butler leads his brave, fearless, elite warriors against the all conquering persian invaders.
It's bloody, very bloody but I have never seen such a fantastic film.
I was on the edge of my seat all through this film

If you can watch it, then please do.

It's spectacular.
Well, we've had snowflake, no , snowball, I mean snowdrop for a week now and we still get her name wrong. However,she's settling in lovely, although she hasn't been out yet. Apparently you have to keep them in for 2 weeks and then, this is the funniest thing I have ever heard, apparently, before you let them out you have to put butter on their paws!! It somehow tells them where they live so they don't get lost. Summat like that.

Snowdrop is 2 years old and she had been living a man, who had died suddenly, no-one knew he was ill.
He had 13 cats altogether!!!

Anyway, for the first 3-4 days days all she did was hide. We could not find her anywhere, although we knew she had to be in the lounge somewhere we searched high and low for her.Eventually finding her in some smallest gap. Her fav place to hide is behind the t.v. right in the corner, you can't reach her at all.
I did not realise how they could sqeeze into the smallest gap there is.
But now she is all over us.

The biggest laugh we had was when my neighbour asked how she was and I told her all about her hiding and that she didn't really take to me at all. She seemed to jump whenever I got up and did anything. She didn't like a lot of noise, it made her jump.But she loved geoff and sat on his lap most nights and even fell asleep. (The cat I mean)
Well, Dorothy asked if I knew why she hadn't taken to me and I said I didn't know really.
Dorothy laughed and said:"Well, who is it that gets up and washes up, who is it that gets up and makes the drinks after your meal?"
I said:"Well me."
She said: "percisely, geoff sits in his chair nice and quiet and peacful while your rushing around doing everthing!"

God, we laughed.

You see, snowdrop had been living with a man, so you can guess what he did all day.


Just sat in his chair, and that is why she disliked me running around disturbing her peace and quiet!!!

Well, we laughed, although geoff wasn't very pleased, and she said that that was what the previous owner probably had done.
Sat in his chair not doing a lot!!!

Anyway, will take some photos and try to post them on here for you see her.

I admit she's gorgeous.