Thursday, October 25, 2007

David Copperfield

David Copperfield has been blogging now for at least two years, and what an impact he has had.
Along with many I often wondered who this man is.
Well, now we know.

Stuart Davidson is his real name.

He has captured many a moment with all of you agreeing with him that policing is not what it was or what it should be.

One of the most significant posting he has done is about the amount of paperwork you have to do. Many other postings is about the way policing is now heading.

You feel trapped in a world of human rights and not just about catching the criminals. You feel you cannot just go out and 'get them', you have to justify yourself and make sure that no-one accuses you of being 'over the top' or racist.
Regardless of what they have done or the way they have done it.

I have been reading his blogs for about a year now and take a great interest of how you all see things in the criminal world.
You are angry and frustrated and feel everyone is trying to stop you doing 'your job'.

As I am a MOP I can assure you that I think you all do a grand job and not one that I could do.
It takes a certain kind of person to fill that criteria.
I am not one of them.

Why then, do I feel we are losing such a talented and intelligent young man?
He knows just what he is talking about, and the majority of you all support him.

I can understand his and your frustration of feeling like you are not understood and never heard, but it is a special kind of work and takes a special kind of man to do it.

So why then, does David Copperfield re Stuart Davidson, feel he has to leave not only the police force but this country, to make a better living for himself and his family?

Strong men like Stuart are needed.
He will be heard and so will you.

You have the backing of us all.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thankyou all for your lovely comments concerning my last blog about Laura.
You have been very supportive and it made a big difference to the way I was feeling towards the problem.

Laura will be seeing the consultant about her operation next week, on Tuesday. She was going to see him last Monday but he was away.
She now has been told she will need two operations, one to have her breast removed and one to have her lymph modes removed as well.
I didn't even know they could remove the lymph modes but apparently they can.

So we will know more from Tuesday.

Well just to add to things I have been away from work all week with a chest infection and head cold.
So, there we are.
I have anti biotics from the doctor and he has signed me off work for another week.

Oh dear, Oh dear.

Can you hear the violins playing?


Never mind, it can only get better, as they say.

Thanks again.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Last tuesday we received a phone call from Laura, my step daughter. She was worried because she had found a lump in her breast.
We explained that she must go to the doctor immediately. This she did.

They examined her and took a biopsy of the lump and she had a mammogram.

She got the result on Friday 12/10/07

She has breast cancer.

When she saw the consultant he explained that they try to remove the cancer but unfortunately, in her case, they can't.
She has to have her breast removed.

The cancer is spreading and she will need chemotherapy as well.

Geoff is devastated and so is all the family.
But we will have to be strong and support her. It's not going to be easy for her.

Laura, 43, is married to Martin and they are both on their second marriage.
Martin has two teenage girls from his previous marriage and they get on so well.

Martin is devastated as you can imagine.

What really gets to us is that Laura has always looked after herself so well.

She is so carefull what she dinks and eats. She really is in to all the healthy foods.

She is slim and, well, so healthy in that way. She does not smoke.

I know for a fact that smoking does not cause breast cancer. I have been told this by my consultant, who I have been seeing for about 5 years now.
I have had problems with my breast because I get infections and cycsts. In fact I now where a lap seat belt because I can't stand the pain of the seat belt across my chest.
My doctor has said he will make me exempt from wearing a seat belt if it gets to bad, but the lap seat belt is fine.

I have to see him every six months for a check up. He does not let me go.

I say this because if I developed cancer I could understand it more.

But not Laura.

Laura will be seeing the consultant on monday about the operation so I will keep you informed.

Sorry this is not a happy blog but I just have to tell you.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Are you as fed up with people keep asking you personal questions when it's none of their bloody business?

This week we have had three people knocking on our front door asking us to join their gas/electric companies.
Why do they expect you to stand there and tell them who you are with at the moment and how much your bills are??

It's none of their business and I don't answer their questions.

They then turn the old "theres no need to be rude" attitude on, and although I haven't in the least been rude to them they think they are going to win you over and you will tell them your business.

Well, NO, NO, NO.

I will not.

The final straw came today when I went into the town after work to get some pain killers.

I took them to the counter and the questions I was asked!!!

"Have you took these before?"
"How many a day do you take?"
"Have you seen a doctor about your problem?"

"YES I HAVE!!" I yelled.
My problem is an old back problem I've had for years and yes my doctor knows how many I take.......AND IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!"

It makes my blood boil, these personal things are only what me and my doctor know and thats the way it will stay!!!

Nothing is private anymore.

God help you if you take a prescription in!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

For P C South West.

P C South west has just received his Activity based costing form.
He has to fill in what his activities are every fifteen minutes.

This is what I believe he will say:

8.30 a.m. Got up and showered
8.45 a.m. Had breakfast
9.00 a.m. Drove to the station
9.15 a.m. Arrived at the station
9.30 a.m. Had a cup of tea
9.45 a.m. Looked at tray of paperwork
10.00 a.m. Finished looking at tray of paperwork
10.15 a.m. Picked up pen
10.30 a.m. Put all paperwork in the out tray
10.45 a.m. Had a cup of tea
11.00 a.m. Went to the toilet (well we have to go you know)
11.15 a.m. Chatted up the girls in the office
11.30 a.m. Still chatting up the girls in the office
11.45 a.m. Went for a walk
12.00 a.m. Came back to station
12.15 a.m. Went back to the office carrying a brief case trying to look like
he was busy
12.30 a.m. Walked to the car
12.45 a.m. Drove to the nearest restaurant
1.00 p.m. Ordered the best steak and chips with a glass of wine
1.15 p.m. Picked up knife and fork
1.30 p.m. Tucked into his steak and chips
1.45 p.m. paid for meal
2.00 p.m. Got back in car and drove to the station
2.15 p.m. Walked into station and made a cup of tea
2.30 p.m. Sat down at desk and felt tired
2.45 p.m. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
3.00 p.m. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
3.15 p.m. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
3.30 p.m. Made a cup of tea
3.45 p.m. looked at in tray and saw it was full
4.00 p.m. Emptied full tray
4.15 p. m. Put on his coat
4.30 p.m. Walked to the car and drove home
4.45 p.m. Got home
5.00 p.m. His wife walks in and asks if he has had a hard day . He nods
and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Shame of the T word

Shame of the n word.

Tory Emma Pentreath has had her face painted black and fellow Tory Philip Clarke has posted it on the Facebook site.

This was supposed to be a light hearted bit of fun and yes you could say it is, until you read the article with it.

Underneath her picture was the words:

"Nigger Minstrel"

This was meant to refer to the Tories "Black and white minstrel ball."

I will now quote from the Daily Mirror paper it says:
A caption reads: "Emmas career in politics lies in tatters after she follows Ann Winterton's lead and dresses as a "nigger minstrel" for the Tory black and white ball."

Ann Winterton was the Tory MP who cracked those terrible jokes about the Chinese cockle pickers in Morecambe bay.
She was fired for making racist jokes.

Yesterday Philip Clarke said:
"I have behaved very stupidly and bitterly regret it."

Black Labour MP Dawn Butler says:
"This shows the Tories haven't changed a bit."

Who, may I ask, even thinks of that disgusting and negative word these days?
It went out of our vocabulary years ago.
Rightly so.

This just shows the true nature of the Tories and the way they have always been.

Do we want these kind of people running this country?

No Thankyou.