Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanks to all of you who tried to help me find the author of the police books I used to read. (about 20 years ago)
I went to the library and had a good look at the crime novels.
Well, unfortunatley I could not find any that was printed all those years ago!
Reg Hill of Diesel and Pascoe come the closest (the way he writes was the way my author wrote) if you get my meaning, but that was only written a few years ago so obviously it isn't him.
As I said the author was a detective himself , in London I believe, and when he retired he turned author.
Also I have been on the computer for authors 20 years ago, there are quite a few of them but still I haven't come across those books.
So, I think I'll have to leave it now.

Perhaps one day I might come across them, you never know do you?

Thanks again, I do appreciate it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yesterday Geoff and I went to bristol Asda to do our christmas shopping.
What an experiment that was.

It is about 80 miles away and we managed to get there about midday. We were hungry and decided to go to the cafe in Asda, well, the queue was soooo long.
After waiting about 20 mins to get served I admit I was a little irritated by then.
we asked for fish and chips and the lady, who was in her eighties, explained that it was cooking.
I asked how long it would take and she said about 5 mins.
Another lady who heard this gave the women a dirty look and said no, it would be about 20 mins as they have just put it in the fryer.
The lady who served us went off and came back with a great big board with a number on it,
"Here,' She said. "Take this and go and sit down, you can back for it when it's cooked."
I was rather startled at this and told her politely but quite firmly we will have something else instead.
"Oh." She replied. "What would you like then?" She asked in rather a loud voice.
I quickly looked around and saw some pies.
"Oh Two pies and chips please." I said.
She strutted off and got one plate.
She served me with the pie and chips and started to go to the next customer.
"Er, excuse me." I said. "Two please." As I nodded at the pie and chips on my plate.
"tut, tut, tut," she went. and stormed off to get another plate.
She came back and put the pie on and then over loaded the plate with the chips.
If you could have read my mind at that time you not believe what I was calling her.
She passed the plate to me and then asked if I wanted any veg!

"No thankyou." I said as I turned and walked rather quickly away.

We found a seat and got our coffees. I must admit that by then we were laughing about it.

After we had eaten we went round the shop and brought must of it.
Jumpers, Dresses, you name it we brought it.
In actual fact the reason we went there is because every christmas Asda does a double discount day for their staff. (20%)
It is also a much bigger shop than the one I work for and you have a much better choice.

When we finally got through the checkouts off we went to the car and loaded up. Geoff said he needed some more petrol and they have got a petrol station right there so off we went to fill up.
Geoff filled the car and it came to £25.51
We always try to get it so it comes to the round pound, if you get my meaning, but it had just pipped over for another penny.

Off we went to pay for the petrol and an elderly man cheerily welcomed us. We told him what number we were at and he said:
"Thats £25.51 please."
Geoff gave him £30.01
"I'll give you the odd penny." Said geoff with a smile.
"Oh yes, thanks." Said the man. "That will help with the change."
The man at the till turned and was muttering to himself as he keyed in the amount we gave him.
He turned and gave geoff his change and said a cheery farewell.
We thanked him and drove off.
When we got home geoff got his change out of his pocket and stared at it.
I asked what was wrong.
"Well," Said Geoff, "I have just realised what change the man at the petrol station had given me, look,"
Geoff held out his hand and we burst out laughing. He had given geoff two much change as it should only have been £4.50
He had given geoff £7.50 and the penny back.
Well we did laugh as you can imagine.

So, yes we had a great day.
We'd have to do that again.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

After doing all the housework I thought I'd go and sit down with a nice cup of coffee, when I found someone else in my seat.
Well, I couldn't disturb her, could I?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Here are some more new species.

On the left is a new form of squid in a bright red colour and on the right is a furry crab. Never been seen before.

Wonderful aren't they?

These two are new species scientist have found in Australia.
The fist one (left) is a 'smiling octopus' and the second one (right) is of a pygmy seahorse.
These have never been seen before and I think they are lovely.
It's amazing the new species they are finding, will print some more for you later.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I wondered if any of you could help me, it's a long shot but it's a funny thing really.
When we lived in Leicester in 1980- 1987, I used to read a detective book from the library.When I say detective I mean that the author was a detective in the police force and he wrote about a certain detective in his books. (British)
Now, this is where it gets complicated, geoff and I was talking about it the other night and I just could not recall the authors name. Nor could I recall the detectives name!

I absolutely loved this man, both the author and the detective and I cannot understand how I forgot his name, although it is 20 years or more.

I remember one of the titles, I believe it was his last book, it was:
"The death of ......." (name of the detective)

As I said it's a long shot but do any of you know who I am talking about????

P.S. I have been to the library and many book shops and had a look around at the crime authors books, hoping to jog my memory a bit, you know, hoping to see his name. (if I did I know I would remember it) but I did not see anything.

I would appreciate it if any of you can help me......even if it is a long time ago!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well, how nice this is.
I'm sat here at our old computer blogging at last.
As I explained that blxxxxy Pipex cut us off and we hadn't done anything wrong. Stupid people.
We have a new telephone line, new telephone number and a new broadband isp.
It must have took about 3hrs for our friend Frank to set us up this morning, he knows what to do but it just took a long time to do it.
When we had finally got on line we went to our email accounts and guess what? we then could not remember our passwords. Poor frank, he was nearly pulling his hair out, he hasn't got a lot anyway so it wouldn't have took long!
We kept trying to sign in and it kept saying wrong password, because we were guessing it thats why, anyway, it asked us if we wanted to change our password, this we did, and then we were able to get on our email page.
Geoff had 42 emails and I had 108.
I have just got through them all.
Thanks to all of you who sent me one.

Anyway, will clock off now, will blog again soon, I have missed you all so much, great to be back.
Hooray, Hooray, I'm back in blogging land and on our own computer.

Will blog tonight as I have a lot ot catch up on with reading all yours (3 months worth)!

Also I have to read my emails now, 108 of them, so thanks if you have sent me one. Will reply as soon as I can.

Thanks to frank who has set it all up for us.

Look forward to to being back with you all, have missed you dreadfully.