Friday, February 19, 2010

Last february we took snowdrop, our cat, to the vets so she could have her injections against cat flu and all the other diseases they can get. That was fine, until she got home.
When we let her out of the basket she ran out of the house and we didn't see her for about 3 hours. We thought it was because she hates being in the basket and was just running away in case we put her in it again.
Finally, she came home, and she looked awful.
We realised that there was something else wrong but couldn't quite work out what it was.
That night we went to bed as usual and thought that snowdrop would be better in the morning.
We were wrong.
I got up normal time and usually shes all around me purring and rubbing herself against me begging for her breakfast, but not that morning. She just laid on the sofa,she hasn't got a bed as such, but she didn't move.
I was worried about her, and called her to the kitchen to see whether she would come and start begging me for food, but she didn't, she just laid there.
I went over to her and looked at her and saw that her eyes were very droopy and she never moved.
I left her alone to see if she would perk up. The day went on but she did not improve.
We didn't know what to do.
Eventually we decided to ring the vets and ask them. This we did to be told that sometimes cats can have a reaction tot he injections and just to leave her till shes better. She should get better as the day went on. Well, by the end of the day she still was no better, she hadn't eaten or drunk anything at all.
In fact, she hadn't moved from the sofa.
We went to bed that night and we were worried sick about her.
However, when I got up the next morning she was brighter, not quite her normal self but she was nudging me for food so then I knew she was better. She got brighter and brighter as the day went on and returned to her normal self.
last tuesday we took her to the vets for the same injections again.
We explained what had happened to her and the vet said she could have a reaction for 24 hrs, but not to worrying about it. As long as she isn't physically sick or anything like that.
We took snowdrop home and she was fine, until we got her in.
As soon as we let her out of the basket she ran upstairs and laid on the bed. Now that is somewhere she never normally goes but we weren't to bothered about it as we thought it was just a reaction about going to the vets.
Later, I went up to bed and I couldn't believe my eyes, she was curled up in a ball and her face looked a little swollen. I walked over to her nad stroked her, lifting up her face so I could see it better, her eyes looked swollen and she looked like she was in a different world.
She was very sleepy.
We remembered what the vet had said so we just left her alone to sleep it off.
The next day, (Wednesday) I went to work and asked geoff to watch over her.
This he did and when I came home from work he told me she hadn't moved and had not eaten or drunk anything that day.
Time went on and we tried to coax her down but to no avail. She was not going to move.
We kept going over to her and stroking her so she knew we were there, but there was no real reaction from her.
The next day. (Thursday)
Same thing, I left for work and she still hadn't moved from the bed.
She was not interested in anything, from water to food, and believe you me, for her not to be interested in food means she does not feel well as she loves her food.
The next day. (Friday)
I arrived home from work to find snowdrop laying by the fire.
(they're not daft are they, eh?)
Geoff said that this was the first time she had moved from the bed and had slowly made her way down about half an hour before I came home.
Still no food or water though.
Slowly but surely, snowdrop finally went to the kitchen and even jumped up and was nudging my hand as if to ask for food.
I gave her a little bit and she ate that o.k.
It is now 10.p.m. and she has been out for about ten minutes and got some fresh air.
She is now laying on the sofa but she is now more alert than she has been.
Thats been three days shes been ill.
I'm not sure if we will let her have those injections again because of the reaction she gets.

We just don't know what to do, but we have got a year to decide.

Dreadful as it is I really think she should have those injections, rather than catch cat flu because that can kill.
Thank god it's only once a year.