Friday, September 05, 2008

Hi, I,m back.
I am at the moment blogging on a friends computer,franks, because we are still having probs with ours.He has a laptop and it's a bit difficult because I find it so small to work on. The computer at home is one that is on a table and it has a seperate keyboard like a typewriter. This is a bit smalll for me!
Anyway, frank has kindly let me use his.
Frank is a builder by trade and he works for himself, but at the moment he is off sick because while at work he fell off a ladder and broke two bones in his leg. He had it plaster for about 6weeks and the doctor wanted him to keep it on for another month but frank said they took it off. He is recovering well now, but he has a lot of physiotherapy to do.
The last post I did was a bit of a laugh because when we told frank what had happened he lent me this one, so I was sitting on his sofa with this on my lap. Not the best position to be in when trying to blog.
Anyway, thankyou for your comments, they were very kind, and yes, I miss this soooo much you wouldn't believe it. I can't read yours so when we get back on air, so to speak, I have a lot of catching up to do.

The holiday was great, we went to Torquay. It rained for the first few days but we still went out and about. The moors was my fav, it was beautiful. will print photos as soon as I can
The hotel was great although there was only one lift and that was slow, we were on the third floor, and as you can imagine, they were a lot of elderly people there and they were slow too. So you had to plan an hour head of time!!

Will tell you more and I must tell you about Par, the swedish waiter.

Missing you all like mad.............

Take care.

Hopefully will be back soon.