Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I don't really know how to start this blog as it's been such a long time.
Geoff has actually gone out........on his own!
At last. LOL
He is getting on well now but still has a little trouble with his knee, he can bend it 80% which is good compared to how it was, and he is now driving.
I think he got fed up with my driving, not that I'm that bad but when you are driving his car, your way, and not his, things got a little heated up sometimes.
Anyway, he is now going to snooker, hes not actually playing but the guys told him to go to the local matches and he may even get a game, I think they were feeling a little sorry for me actually. LOL.
So, I now have the evening to myself and it's just like the old days.I can realax and enjoy myself.......in peace!
Thats all to say really for now, I am so rusty, I've forgotton how to do this!
So, hopefully, I'll be back in my true form, I just need some practise now!