Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ever since I can remember I have always thought of March 1st, as the first day of spring.
I know it's not by the calender dates but I hate january and february and glad to get those months over and done with.
Well, it has been like spring the last two days hasn't it?
Last week Geoff and I finally had our holiday, a week in Eastbourne. It was lovely, including the weather.
We had to cancel our holiday twice last year as geoff was not fit enough to go so it was third time lucky, and it worked.
Last monday we arrived in Eastbourne and it was bitterly cold, no snow, but the wind cut right through you, we thought it was going to be like that all week, but no, the sun came out on tuesday and it staid out all week.
Couldn't believe it. It was great.
We did go out every day visiting the local towns and villages and how wonderful it was to forget time.
When you work all you do is think of the time, time to get to work, time to start work and time to finish work.
It was so nice not to have to bother about that.
Geoff and I have been going to the same hotel for 30 years or more.In fact we had our honeymoon there in 1985. Sounds daft now when people are going abroad to get married and have their honeymoon in Hawaii or something but it suited us at the time. It's the T&G.W.U. hotel and it's right on the front of the beach.The union, now Unite, owns it. Great views but the beach isn't sand it's pebbles so that a little disappointing but you can still walk around it.
They have a band stand a few yards from the hotel and in the summer they have singers and concerts there every night and it's lovely to walk down and listen to them.People travel from afar to listen to it. It really is great and everyone is so enjoying the concerts.
On the last night which is in August they have a fantastic firework display to celebrate the end of the season, you,ve never seen so many fireworks!
It's really brill.
Anyway, we did have a great time, did nothing,which was great,(LOL) but that's my kind of holiday these days!
Of course, all I've done since coming back is washing and ironing!!!
but it has been so good, I don't mind really.