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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It will be 4 years on the 17/12/10 that I started blogging, and I have loved every minute of it. Not just blogging but reading all yours and getting to know you all. We probably would never have met otherwise, would we?
That is what I love, meeting everyone, getting to know you all.
I was always thinking about things to blog about and sometimes it took me a few days to get it right, by that I mean how to set it all out and I was always afraid of leaving things out by mistake.
But I also thought how I used to blog as well, you see geoff used to be a councillor then, and he was out 5 nights out of 7 for meetings and things, and I loved it!
He used to go about 6.30 pm and then I used to get ready for my blogging. I always washed up and then sat down with a coffee and a ciggie, as you do, and then I would be ready to blog.
Off went the telly, on went the music and the computer.
Opera, maria Callas actually, every night it was the same. I used to listen to the first 2 songs and then I was relaxed.
I sat down and went straight to blogger dashboard, I could really concentrate on my blog and think about how to start the blog and then............off I went. It could take a couple of hours depending on what my blog was about.
With the beautiful soft, music in the background I would sit here for hours just blogging, sometimes funny things other times serious blogs.
At the moment I have the tv on and its not quite the same as before.
I really will have to get back into a routine.
What do you do before blogging,or as you blog?