Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well, it's been a while again, hasn't it?
The reason is because I have had to have some time off work with geoff. It's not his heart, but his knee.
On monday I got up for work and geoff called me back, he explained that he couldn't get out of bed, in fact he can't move at all.
The reason was because of his knee, he was in agony with it.
Now geoff has Had arthritis in his knee for 20 years or more but he can usually cope with it, but for some reason that morning he couldn't.
To cut a long story short I took him to hospital, how the hell we managed to get him in the car, god knows, but we did.
He saw the consultant and they x-rayed it.
It showed that the two bones in his knee (don't know the medical name for them I'm afraid) were actually rubbing together. Hence the pain.
It means a new knee.
Now then, geoff cannot leave the house and he certainly can't drive,only me round the bend,so once again we are stuck.
It could be three months before the operation and even then it will mean 2-3 months of physio as he has to train his new knee to work. He will be in a lot of pain first and then it will ease off.
So, everythings a bit ,well, funny, at the moment.
But I will let you know how it goes.
Have read your blogs but don't always leave a comment, don't seem to have time as I have to do everything now!!!
Will be in touch soon