Friday, December 29, 2006

Over christmas Geoff and I went to Oxford (my home town) to visit the family.

After lunch we sat down and I started to read "Chat" the magazine.

It has the funniest story in it.

One lady wrote up to say that her 7 year old grandson had ben to the local church for Sunday School.

Her grandson obviously thoroughly enjoyed it and was telling her all about it.

"There was a man telling us a story, he was in a long white gown."

"Oh" She said. "What was his name?" Thinking of course he meant the vicar of that parish.

"I don't know..........Jesus or God......I think" He replied.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

to many blogging sites!

For all of you who are wondering why I have so many blogging sites, the reason is this:

One night I logged on as usual to do some blogging, but, for some unknown reason, it did not except my password. Now, why it didn't except it after all this time I really don't know.I was stunned.
I kept keying my password in and I even started yelling at the bloody computer, but to no avail.It would not have it.
After banging my head against the wall,out of sheer frustration, I thought of another way to get into my site.
I went to one of the sites I had left a comment on and clicked on my name.Now this took me to my site but only to read my bloggs. I could not write a new blogg.

Now there are times in life when you could easily kill someone, this was one of them.

I got up from my chair and walked outside, counting not to ten, but to ten thousand.
I smoked about the same as well.

What on earth was wrong with this bloody thing?

I tried again and again, but after an hour I was at my wits end.

I got up and went to bed,dreaming of unimaginable things I was going to do with this computer......

The next Day..........

I turned the computer on and sat down.
Now then, yesterday must have been a bad day. So,we will forget what happened and start again.
It asked me for my user name which I duly put in.
It asked my for my password which I duly put in.



(that's my swearing by the way)

Well, I sat here and took a deep breath, what the ---- is going on?!

I jumped up and
walking away from it (the computer is now called an "it" as "it" has a mind of it's own) I stomped into the kitchen and put the kettle on.Yes I needed something a lot stronger but it was to early for that! After drinking god knows how many coffees I went back to it.
Staring at it I could not think of any way I could go other than change my password, so I clicked on "change your password" and waited. After about five mins I received a thing to allow me to enter a new one.So I did, thinking this was the answer, I went back to my blogg site to do some blogging.

User name: -------------
Password: -------------




I swore words I had never heard of before.

I went outside to the garden to get some fresh air,smoking about ten thousand ciggies at the same time. Walking up and down the path I was thinking of what I would do with this thing!I would kick it, burn it, kill it.

I did eventually calm down enough to think straight, well, as straight as I can think.So I went back to a comment I had made on another blogg and clicked on my name.
My bloggs came up and I saw at the bottom of the page about joining the "new blogger"
That is what I did.

I had another site.

The next day......

Smiling I went on the computer, thinking it was all settled now, when,

Enter your user name:............
Enter your password..............






To cut a long story short,about time you say, this has happened about 6 times.
That is why I have about 6 sites.
I have to start a new one every time.

Having said that, I don't know which blogg site this is going on!

We'll see what happens when I publish it.

If anyone has any idea how I can delete the others I would appreciate it.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Tag

I have just tagged a few of you and I can't wait to read your answers.

However, I thought it only fair of me, to start with me!

My tag is:

What is the ONE thing you would do before you die?

money no object.

My tag would be to go into space.

JUPITER is the planet I would go to.
I would head straight for the Red Spot and stand in the middle of that magnificent thunderstorm that is raging on that planet.How I would love to watch the lightening flashing, and listen to the thunder.

The red spot is so large you could fit many earths into that area.
To see that magnificant thunderstorm would be fantastic.

I would also take the biggest and best camera with me and take many photos.

Jupiter is so big it actually acts as a barrier for us. Any comets coming this way will probably hit jupiter first, saving our planet.

After that I would just get in my rocket, come back to earth and show all the scientest at NASA my photos. What a wonderful way to spend a few days.

We will pretend that it is possible to do that in a few days.

Well, thats it.

Anyone who reads this is tagged too.

So start thinking!

Monday, December 18, 2006












Sunday, December 17, 2006

This is my new blogsite.

Welcome in.