Sunday, November 29, 2009

For thoughts:
My Boots!!!!!
lovely, aren't they?
This is the only reason I love the winter!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Geoff and I were going on holiday tomorrow.
Thats right, I said were.
I came home from work on wednesday to find geoff in his chair (thats not unusual actually!) with his foot up on a chair.
I looked at it and nearly screamed.
It was huge.
His foot had swollen so much you could hardly see his toes.
We knew exactly what it was.
He had this a few years ago in his right foot, now he's got it in his left foot.It is so painful.
I got a cold compress on it which helped with the pain but when we took the compress of it hadn't done a lot of help with the swelling.
We knew it was going to take more than one compress to relieve that.
So, for 48 hours geoff stayed in his chair and even slept in it,but we knew he wanted tablets for this,so went to doctors and got a prescription, tablets,and they have helped a lot.
Geoff went up to bed yesterday (saturday) and he's stayed there all day and today.
He is more comfortable in bed.
I am keeping very fit, running up and down stairs.

We were going to Eastbourne, I love that place and was so looking forward to going there. We haven't had the best of years, have we?
Never mind, these things happen.

Look forward to the new year and we'll go next year.
We both need a holiday then!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Having read one of Dickiebos post I did say I would do a blog about that particular one he had done.
In fact, I had written it under another one which was nothing to do with his blog.
So, I apologise for that, my mistake.
The one I was referring to was called:
Britain edging closer to a banana republic.
What he was saying was that britain has become worse since labour got in, but I tend to disagree with that as britain has been like this for years.

I felt I had to say something about it, but I couldn't say it on the comments page because my reply would be too long to write it in there.

Lets take the first paragraph about drunken/drug crazed yobs.For which he is blaming 24 hour drinking. We did not have 24 hour drinking but there was still the drunks.
There are drunken/drug crazed yobs around, but it isn't a recent happening. It's been going on for years. And I mean years.
I remember when I was a teenager, many years ago now, when I used to go out with my friends at the weekends there were always drunks around.Every friday and saturday night, mostly men, they would just get blotto, because it was the weekend and they did it every weekend. Some just got drunk and somehow managed to get home and others were arrested, although you weren't actually arrested for being drunk in those days, but if they became violent, and many did, then they were arrested.
We used to keep away from them as they weren't our friends and not in 'our group'
Not so sure if there was so many druggies then, but there were probably a fair few.
But can't really comment on them as I'm not sure if they become violent like the drunks.
But there were druggies in those days.

Dickiebo then went on to say about the Eastern European immigrants.
Well, this is where I actually agree with him.
There are far too many immigrants here, if fact, I have never agreed with anyone so much.
I am sick of them, and I am not the only one.
Enough said about that I think.

Another comment he made was about the courts and their lenient sentencing, in some cases he's right, but there aren't that many but when it does happen it's headlines in the papers and, of course, we think all cases are like this.
They aren't.

Now, this is close to my heart!
I am a smoker and I loathe having to go out in the bitter cold to have a ciggie.
At work we all have a fifteen minute break and that turns into 25.
The reason is because we have to go to our lockers and get our coates, have a wee, wash our hands, and then walk down a rather long corridor to go out into the cold.This all takes time from our breaks.
The non smokers have caught onto this now and they now have at least 20 mins break, and who can blame them?
They don't blame us because they know it's the law but it is still infuriating.

The whole point of this is to say that it isn't since labour came into power that these problems have started, the problems have been here for years.
Who do we blame?
I don't know.
Sometimes I think it's the parents fault, for not discipling their kids and letting them do what they want or is it society????
Whatever that is.
No-one has ever explained to me what 'society' means.

I'm old school and believe you should discipling children, even smack them.
My god, I sound like one of those strict school marms, but that is what I believe.
Dicipling starts from when you are a child.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Geoffs cakes.
Geoff makes these cakes for friends, it could be for birthdays or anniversaries.
He does it all, makes the cake itself and then spends hours decorating it.
beautiful, aren't they?
I thought that this year I would make the christmas log.............
(pictured below)

I think I'll let geoff do it next year.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Poor, poor snowdrop, she looks so relaxed and cute in this photo but right now, she isn't! shes petrified.
Everybody has decided to do their bonfire night tonight!
All you can hear is bangers, and sizzling noises coming from all directions.
Snowdrop is hiding, cuddled up behind the sofa, shaking.
I remember our first dog, Lady,she was a cross collie alsation so she was a big dog but we had to give her valium!
She wouldn't go out in the back garden for a week after bonfire night, because she thought she was going to come across some more fireworks.
Bless her.
Our second dog, Becky, who was a butterfly dog and not very big at all,was the exact opposite. She wasn't afraid of anything or anyone.
She looked out the window in awe of the fireworks.
She loved it.
So, I'll go and give snowdrop a big cuddle.(thats my excuse!)
and just be thankful it's only once a year!!!