Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I have been reading 200 weeks blog for quite a while and I saw that he had found out what his blog rating was.

So I thought I would do that as well,

This is the result:

My blog is rated 17.
Under 17s requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

Apparently it says that I have used the words:

sex 13x

breast 7x

pain 1x

What does that look like!!!

What kind of blog site do they think I have?!!!

Go on, please, be a devil, try it and see how they rate yours....this will be interesting!

This is the link:


dickiebo said...

hell x 2
bastards x 1 (and that was a quote!!!)
'General' Rating. Got the Rating now on my blog!
Seems that somebody considers yours a Tut, tut, Annette.

deb said...

'General' for me, too. I only used the word 'dead' once. Gosh darn (grin), I lead a dull life!