Monday, December 17, 2007

Did any of you watch the final of the X factor?

We did and for the first time ever we phoned in to support Rhydian.
Well, I would have if they had let me. The phones weren't working proper.
All I got was "the phones lines are now closed."

On the television it was saying: telephone lines are now open for voting.

How could Leon win that???
He was tuneless, in fact I don't know why he was in the final, do you?

200weeks has done a blog about the policemen that are on facebook and he has a link to the newspaper report on it, and on that page is also a piece about the phone lines not working on the X factor programme.

I'm not saying it was fiddle it could simple have been a mistake somewhere along the lines, but Leon better than Rhydian?

I don't think so.


bawpc said...

Oh I don't know...I do like Leon :-D
And Rhydian scares me plus he has a voice that is lost somewhere between failed opera and not quite pop...

PC Common Sense said...

Motorhead, they've got the X Factor.

dickiebo said...

In my local last night, there were 8 people who had been unable to get through to vote for this geezer. One had tried 12 times! Must confess to having no interest whatsoever, but the wife made me watch both singers, to see what I thought. Blimey. One can sing rather nicely but looks positively anaemic. The other joker is.....well, just that. Pathetic, I'm afraid.
PS. Thank you for refusing to accept our ( signatures.

Girl*Next*Door said...

PCCS, you & your Motorhead! Lol

I do like Leon, but then I thought Rhydian was rather good too. I didn't vote for either but my mum absolutely hated Rhydian because of his chosen genre/style but like I said, I thought he was quite good. :o)

& you're right, probably best not t let Geoff use your blog again.... I was going to point out a few things but thought it best not to, especially as you probably already have Annette! ;o)

deb said...

Annette, noticed your question about the ClustrMap on dickiebo's blog (there's one on mine too). Just go to to get your own.

dickiebo said...

Darn that Deb. I was gonna say, Go to:-

Annette said...

Thanks to both of you!!

I must admit that a lot of people at work were saying that they tried to vote for Rhydian as well but could not get through.

Bl**dy fiddle!

Little Wing said...

Is bloody actually a bad word????
LOL! Who is motorhead in the grand scheme of this conversation??????

Noddy said...

Wales v Scotland. Let me think about that one.

I'm still cooling down after Kylie's performance and outfit! That won it for Leon!

Noddy said...

p.s. LEO to win it next year.

p.p.s. go on clustr, it's fascinating to see where your readers are.

totallyun-pc said...

I think you all missed the point here.... Why Oh Why Oh Why were Same Difference voted off?

Clearly the best act to come out of this country in decades!

Man they were special... but what do you reckon..? do you think they were.... you know... a litlle... erm... too close?

Happy New Year Babes!

Annette said...

mmmmm, Same Difference were good but nowhere near as good as Rhydian. In fact I don't think you could even compere them.
I thought they were a bit close as well, but is it true she was bullied at school?
Thats what I heard.
Same Difference would be good in the theatre, but that all.

happy new year.

totallyun-pc said...

to answer your question. No not been yet... go in two weeks time.

and the other stuff

AFO = Authorised Firearms Officer
(static protection, surveillance, Flying Squad, Diplomatic protection, Aviation security)

ARV = Armed Response Vehicles (increased Tactics to deal with house searching, guns in vehicles, armed suspects in street)

SFO = Specialist Firearms Officers. (deal with Dynamic armed entries into buildings where seiges etc are taking place!

Annette said...

o.k. Thanks

bawpc said...

Heya....Happy Xmas ( i know it's late and all) and have a smashing new year!!!

DirkStar said...


Happy Holidays!