Friday, June 17, 2011

I have just had a week off work and it has been lovely.The only dissapointing thing about it was the weather,a lot of rain. Still, it didn't really stop us from doing the things we planned.
The one thing I wanted to get my hands on was the garden.
On tuesday it was lovely, sunny and bright so out we go, or should I say out I go! We have a very small front garden which is easy to maintain, its the back one thats bigger and it can look a little over-run.
I mowed both the lawns and then weeded them. I love doing that, getting rid of all the weeds in the garden it looks so much better.Then went round and tidied up the flowers, beheading the old ones that had died.Then I got geoff off his chair (LOL) and he painted the fences with a spray painter, it didn't take that long really,and it looks so much better. He started to do the patio and ran out of paint, isn't that always the way?
So, off we went to buy some more at Focus. While there we say how empty the shop was, they are closing down. Many shop assistants had been working there for years, and now they will be unemployed as no-one could find another job. It was devastating. I really felt for them.
Anyway, we saw that they had halved the price of everything in the store to get rid of it, so we got paint for about £5.oo or so, and then we saw they were selling picket fencing. We thought they look great so we brought some.
They just needed painting so we brought some white paint but because of the weather we haven't had a chance to paint them yet but we will soon.
Apparently its thunder storms tomorrow!
Anyway, back to work monday, so I'll look forward to that (LOL!!!)


dickiebo said...

I'm always kinda afraid that when 'B' does the 'weeding', she may just get carried away and throw me out with them!

Annette said...

Brnard, hope you read this! Been trying to comment on your blog but can't for some reason ok? will try agin.

Annette said...
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The Tame Lion said...

A lot of rain isn't cool at all, but your posts are absolutely cool!
Thanks for sharing these, I truly enjoyed the visit.
I'm always here to support you.