Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I have received some emails from my friends saying they have received emails from me, but they are not from me.
I do not know whats going on, someone has got hold of my email and my list of contacts and sending these emails.They are rubbish ones anyway.
Please just delete them. I do not want them to get hold of yours, if they can, I do not know whats going on. Will try to sort this out.
My apologies to you all.


dickiebo said...

I had one, Annie. As you say, it was rubbish. Obviously not from you.

Sage said...

There was a spate of this going on a while ago, it isn't really from you and your account, it just looks like it is but if you look at the headers it would give the game away. Best thing to do is as you have said, delete them and don't give them another thought xx