Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I could swear!
I,m having great difficulty in leaving comments on your blogs,I don't know why but everytime it asks me to put the word thing in I do it and then it says its not excepted.
Dickiebo, yours seem alright!!! LOL
Bernard, I can't leave a comment on yours.
Sage, the same.
I haven't a clue what to do, as they say. but will try to sort it out.


Sage said...

Ooooer sorry to hear that, not sure why that is except mine is blogger while dickiebo is wordpress... xx

dickiebo said...

Thanks, Annie. 'B' will be pleased to know that mine is OK!!!!! lol.

Foody said...

I had big problems commenting, even answering comments on my own blog. Bernard said that if I used Google Chrome it might sort it. I was unwilling at first but tried it and my problems have gone away. Thank you, Bernard!

Bernard said...

You are not alone Ann. A lot of people are having the same trouble. I put it down to Internet Explorer, because if I use Google Chrome as my browser, (I have both IE and Chrome installed) I get no problems at all. Foody (Singing Chicken blogspot) changed to using chrome and she can now leave comments OK. So you see it HAS to be something to do with using "Explorer".

The Tame Lion said...

I had the same experience too.
First, Bernard and Sage have to recheck their comments setting on that particular posts. Usually this can solve the problem, if it doesn't, then move on to the second step, which is, they need to re-post that particular posts.

Hope everything will be back to normal.