Friday, March 04, 2011

Isn't it awful when you have one of those weeks when you find yourself in a foul mood every morning when you wake up, and even worse when you don't even know why.
Maybe it's a reaction to snowdrop being ill, but now she's home she's so much better.
I just feel so stressed out and yet, there isn't really one reason for me too.
This computer is going so slow, work is rather slow although you do get mad moments and I am getting a little tired of one woman at work who does nothing but swear, swear and swear again.
I will cheer up, I'm watching Hot Fuzz right now and that usually makes me laugh although I haven't laughed yet really.
I hate these weeks, but it will pass.
Next week should be better.


Bernard said...

Funny you should mention 'bad weeks'.
I too have been in a complete mess.
I reckon we need more sunshine, that always helps, doesn't it?

dickiebo said...

Try to cheer yourself up, Annie. Here is one way;
Try to picture Dickiebo, standing in front of you, just wearing his Very baggy Y-Fronts! [They are very baggy because 'B' said that I will 'grow into them'!] Sighhhhhh! Still waiting!She says that when I'm wearing them, my legs look like the proverbial '2 sticks of celery'! Daren't send you a pic. I'd get arrested!

Annette said...

Bernard: yes, I agree, we all feel better when the sunshines, don't we?
When I go to work I wear tights that come up to my neck and thick socks and a T-shirt that you can wrap around me, geoff laughs and says I look like Nora Batty!
And yes, I must have a photo, pleasey please!

dickiebo said...


Foody said...

Something bad set me off yesterday morning (when it was beautifully sunny!) as soon as I got in and saw my post and I think that'll be me for the week now - regretting every minute I spend doing stuff I don't enjoy for people who seem to be always angry. So I know how you feel.
Sorry to hear Bernard has been in a mess too.

Sage said...

Hope you have got over the black dog moment.. it can be debilitating and hard to break free of.. stress and tension make it worse but not always easy to get rid of. Take care xx