Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do you remember when I told you about the terrible telephone call I received from Jane (not her real name) our peoples manager when I couldn't get into work that one wednesday because of the snow?
How she accused me of letting Asda down and I should go back to work right then at 3 pm and when I refused, because of the snow, she said I had let everyone down and a few more terrible things as well.
Well, I made an official report to nigel, our GSM (general store man anger)and then we sat back and waited..... and waited to see what would happen if anything.
Time went on and nothing seemed to change she was still the same, thought she was better than you and almost looked down her nose at you and spoke to you like it as well.
But now, suddenly in February, she started to change, her attitude changed towards us and she actually became friendly. We weren't sure at first how to take this as it takes a long time to trust someone again, but now in March, she is so different.
She's happier, friendlier and you can talk to her about anything.
What a change, thank god.
So much better than before.
It's like having a new person around.
Nigel promised me he would look into this as he didn't like it at all.
I don't know what he had said to her but.................. it's worked.
Well done nigel.


thoughts running through my head.... said...

maybe she was doing what she thought a manager should do and was getting it wrong? Tell Nigel to come and talk to my knob of a boss please!

Sage said...

I think I would still be suspicious of her motives... but still any change for the better has to be applauded.. hope you and geoff ok xx

Foody said...

Brilliant result! I think like Sage I would always be wary of her but at least you have a better working environment and after all you don't have to have her as a friend, just an amenable colleague.