Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well, how nice this is.
I'm sat here at our old computer blogging at last.
As I explained that blxxxxy Pipex cut us off and we hadn't done anything wrong. Stupid people.
We have a new telephone line, new telephone number and a new broadband isp.
It must have took about 3hrs for our friend Frank to set us up this morning, he knows what to do but it just took a long time to do it.
When we had finally got on line we went to our email accounts and guess what? we then could not remember our passwords. Poor frank, he was nearly pulling his hair out, he hasn't got a lot anyway so it wouldn't have took long!
We kept trying to sign in and it kept saying wrong password, because we were guessing it thats why, anyway, it asked us if we wanted to change our password, this we did, and then we were able to get on our email page.
Geoff had 42 emails and I had 108.
I have just got through them all.
Thanks to all of you who sent me one.

Anyway, will clock off now, will blog again soon, I have missed you all so much, great to be back.


dickiebo said...

Woohoo! Annie's back for Xmas! Crafty girl.
PS. I see today that TUPC is calling it a day.

Sage said...

Lovely to see you back Annette, have missed you sorely over the past few months...