Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanks to all of you who tried to help me find the author of the police books I used to read. (about 20 years ago)
I went to the library and had a good look at the crime novels.
Well, unfortunatley I could not find any that was printed all those years ago!
Reg Hill of Diesel and Pascoe come the closest (the way he writes was the way my author wrote) if you get my meaning, but that was only written a few years ago so obviously it isn't him.
As I said the author was a detective himself , in London I believe, and when he retired he turned author.
Also I have been on the computer for authors 20 years ago, there are quite a few of them but still I haven't come across those books.
So, I think I'll have to leave it now.

Perhaps one day I might come across them, you never know do you?

Thanks again, I do appreciate it.


Sage said...

If I think of anyone else, I will be sure to let you know...

deb said...

Okay, next time I'm at the library I shall have a good look for the author I'm thinking my dad used to read that sounds like who you're talking about.

Wow....what a great run-on sentence that was!

deb said...

M. C. Beaton?