Saturday, November 22, 2008

After doing all the housework I thought I'd go and sit down with a nice cup of coffee, when I found someone else in my seat.
Well, I couldn't disturb her, could I?


Vetnurse said...

:-)) We do the same with Wibble the dog. I think it is a sneaky defence that animals build in in loving homes.
Called the "Look Cute" defence move
The aim is to look to cute to move and let family members settle or perch on the uncomfy bits of furniture that you didn't want as it was not comfy.

dickiebo said...


Vetnurse said...

Cause Dickiebo they is cute and so comfy to disturb them just so you can be comfy is cruel!... pffft asking why humpp grumble

Sage said...

Cute defiance... you move the cat and you will never get any peace again when you sit down... mind you I was just as bad with my dogs when it comes down to it.