Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I haven't blogged for a while, have I?
Yes, I'm sure you all did a big sigh of relief, but I'm back now.

The reason is because I have been so busy what with christmas coming up and every weekend I've actually been out and about.
No-where in particular just visiting family.

Anyway, today we went to a dog sanctuary, and picked up a cat.
Yes thats right.
Now I'm not particulary a cat person, as I much prefer dogs. But I admit that this one is a beautiful cat, it's a tortoise shell colour with white patches.
Her name is "Snowdrop."
Lovely name isn't it?
Since losing our beloved Becky five years ago, we just haven't been able to see a dog that will fit in with our life. We keep looking for becky again. That is so wrong for any new dog we would have had. So now we have a cat!!

Just a line about Laura, as I said thankyou for you're lovely comments, it made me feel so much better.

Laura has had two courses of chemotherapy, the second one today actually. She has to have 6 courses (one every 3 weeks) and then she will have her breast removed probably in January.
She is looking a little haggard and stressed but not as bad as we all thought she would.
I expect she is still in shock as it happened so quickly.

She has just started to loose her hair which surprised us all, we didn't think it would happen that quickly.
She has bought herself two wigs (very expensive but worth it) as the N.H.S.wigs are not that good. I have seen other women wear those when they had chemotherapy for their cancer, and I must admit they don't always match your colour anyway.
Still, they do help but you still have to pay a little towards them.

She has a good atitiude about it, she keeps saying she must fight this and she is reading books from other women who have had it. Famous actresses etc.

Will update you as it goes.

Thanks again.


Whichendbites said...

Hope the chemo works out OK for Laura.

Picked up a cat from a dog sanctuary ?????

Something wrong there.

bawpc said...

Yeah, I have to agree with whichendbites...a cat from a dog sanctuary? Somehow I just can;t get a picture of it...

Anyway, I have my fingers crossed that Laura will get through chemo ok and will come through this a better and stronger person!!

Annette said...

Yes your both right.....it is strange, we got a cat from a dog sanctuary.

We went on tuesday because that is my day of....when we got there, it was closed!!!
Now that is just our luck!!!
The sanctuary housed cats as well, that was round the back of the dog sanctuary.....and that was open.
Hence we found a cat!!!

totallyun-pc said...

Was it caught in the jaws of a doberman...? is it a rescued cat?

I'm not going to start on the cat jokes again by the way.... cos the last lot were apawling!

Glad the Chemo is on track too....

Love and stuff! X

Noddy said...

God knows what you would have ended up with if you'd gone on a Wednesday Annette!

Thanks for the kind thoughts on my blog and ditto back to Laura.

deb said...

I think we need pictures of Snowdrop. (yes, I do love her name)

Our prayers continue for Laura.

Marja said...

Hi Anette what a lovely name snowdrop. All the best for Laura She is very brave. My mother survived it and I hope things will get better for Laura as well

dickiebo said...

Snowdrop? They were (are?) RAF Coppers. Don't you go mixing with them now.

Annette said...

Oh yes, shes the cats whiskas. TUPC. I have told Alice about the cat.
So she can have a go on my blog now!!!
Will try to get a picture of her.

Thanks everyone.

Claire said...

I hope Laura's treatment goes ok too.

There is some stuff on the www.breastcancercare.org.uk website forum from women who got fed up with wigs after chemo, about alternatives like scarves and things - don't know if that is any use.

All the best anyway, take care.

Little Wing said...

Hi annette.....
I am trying to get back into blogging.
May God bless your step-daughter. I know it can't be easy.
Your new kitty sounds so pretty!