Sunday, July 08, 2007

I have just sat down and looking through the T.V. channels I saw that "What not to wear" was just beginning.
It's not my fav programme but thought I would watch it for a change. No punn intended there.
Well, usually the women on that programme are quite young but have forgotten how to dress for the best, but on this occasion it was for menopausal women.

Well, that rings a bell.

There was two women who had become, shall we say, "lazy" dressers.It's not that they looked that bad, they didn't, but both of them were just wearing jeans and jumpers/t-shirts. Like must of us when we get home from work we just throw on anything that we feel comfortable in.
However, when talking to these two particular women, they both said that they just don't feel good enough in themselves to "bother" to get dressed up for anything or anyone.

One woman in particular started to cry and she explained that since she started going threw the menopause, she felt invisable and that everyone seemed to "glaze" over her. She also said that she "just could not be bothered."

Well, that rings a bell.

That is just how you do feel, on one hand you want to look your best so you feel better in yourself but on the otherhand you cannot be bothered with it, as nothing fits you and you do not know what to wear.
Suddenly, you find yourself looking at the older persons style clothing and wishing you could squeeze into that size 12 dress you have had for years.
Fashion also plays a big part in this. It is aimed for the young and trendy. You suddenly find out that you are not anymore.
You walk away from the shops feeling fat, fat ,fat, and totally depressed because those days have gone.

God I really associated with those two women and I'm sure many other ladies did as well.

Getting older is a funny thing isn't it? Not much fun either.

I won't depress you anymore, so I'll stop moaning now.

I'm off to have that slice of chocolate cake.


dickiebo said...

I'm afraid it's not only the fairer sex that this applies to Annette.

Claire said...

I think it's more vague these days about what you should wear at different ages, and it makes it more confusing sometimes.

I've found myself wondering if I should wear certain things, when I've got to one of those birthdays ending in zero (!), if I'm too old or something, but I guess as long as you feel confident to carry it off and don't flash the flesh like a teenager, it's usually fine.

I like seeing what actual people wear in real life situations, it's usually more interesting than what's currently on offer in the shops or magazines. Maybe that's why mail order fashion has grown, extra variety.

Perhaps I'm spoilt because of where I work, but it's good to see so many people (men and women) decades older than me, all wearing what they want. Sometimes maybe a bit eccentric, or sometimes really practical, but they look great because it's more about their own personalities and lifestyles than what's 'fashionable' that month. It would be nice if that was a getting older thing - being less bothered by what other people think.

Anyway, being considered fashionable is quite over-rated in most situations -and that includes teaching fashion students!!!

Hope you feel better today x

deb said...

Thank you, Annette, for your thoughts. I'll be blogging around again soon. Just need to get everything settled for the family. It's made a bit overly difficult having no way to temporarily slow down the key work end of the piano business whilst tending to family needs.

Anyway, thanks again.

totallyun-pc said...

I watch how to look good naked.... it tought me the best thing was to turn the bloody lights off! Ahhhh... gorgeous!

PS. I thought of another cat gag! its on Alices post! tee hee

Annette said...

I agree with turning the lights off!
What your eyes can't see your heart can't grieve over.

Gazza said...

I am now at the stage in my life where my kids snigger at my choice of clothes when I'm out shopping.
The words, "Dad, those are just not cool" keeps hounding me
Seem to remember saying that to my dad too.
*Bursts into The Circle of Life*