Sunday, July 15, 2007

I was very interested in Dickiebo's blog about U.F.O's. The reason is because my hobby is astromony, the planets, and of course is does make you wonder if there is anybody else out there.
We know that there is nothing in our solar system but us.
But what about all the other solar systems?
Are there aliens out there trying to contatc us?

On the documentary programmes there is a programme called "The UFO files."

It is fascinating.

It recalls many incidents, mainly pilots, that recall seeing U.F.O's one in particular happened in Mexico.

It was the 8th August 1994, an aeroplane was flying through mexico to go to the United states of America when the pilots reported seeing a flying object flying along side them! It was round and silver object
They radioed in and asked if there was any other aircraft that should be so close, but the operator said he could not see anything.
Suddenly the object shot forward very quickly and nearly crashed into the nose of the aeroplane.
It was not seen again.
It frightened the pilots and they said they had never been so scared in all there lives.

There have been many other reports of U.F.O's and even some video footage, but no-one can explain what these objects are.
Mostly they are silver coloured and shaped as the classical objects we have all heard of the "flying Saucer."

We will probably never know the real answer to these questions but it is interesting isn't it?

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