Friday, June 01, 2007

When looking through the police blogs I have noticed a few that have not blogged for a long time.

The naked cop, last post.....feb 23rd

Another constable, last post.....just gone!

Dogeatsman, last post......feb 6th

Bobby slot, last post.....feb 5th

The chicken run policeman, last post.....march 8th

P C Potshot, last post....april 5th

Can someone please tell me where they are?



Girl*Next*Door said...

Im hoping the Chicken run & Another Constable haven't been tracked down....
Another Constable's blog just disapearing though, I have to say, doesn't look promising.
Hope the others reappear too, too many have been forced to stop blogging which is a shame

Big Fella in Blue said...

They are probably bogged down in red tape!!!!!