Friday, June 01, 2007

Jim Gamble, is the Deputy Director general of the U.K.'s National Crime squad and is the senior officer responsible for tackling online child abuse.

In 2003, the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) was established, bringing together jim, law enforcement agencies and corporate partners including microsoft. The founding law-enforcement members of the taskforce are the National Crime Squad, the Australian High Tech Crime Centre, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the US Department of Homeland Security and Interpol.
The award winning VGT's mission is to prevent child abuse and deter child-abusers by using the very same medium on which they operate: the internet.

In january 2004, jim kicked off Operation Pin in the UK,USA,Canada and Australia. It centres on an internet site purporting to contain child abuse material.
However when they have logged on to this site, it tells them that their name and address have been reported to the police.

They are hoping that this is a deterrent. If they know that they have been reported to the police, they may not go to this site again.

However, Jim Gamble, it is reported has come up with a new idea of not sending paedophiles to prison but to get them the medical help they need.

Yet he has had great criticism with his idea. I really don't know why as it is obvious that they do need help.
If a crime has been commited you may agree that they should be imprisoned like any other criminal but in these cases, I do not think that prison is the answer.

What help do they get in there?

They need professional help from a psychiatrist.

But should they be allowed to walk the streets free? Surely they should go somewhere safe, for us and for them.
Perhaps in a special home for the time they have their treatment, and only be allowed to leave when they are cured.

If they could stop just one person from committing such terrible crimes then that is one person they have helped.

It will be a start and perhaps we could reduce the number of paedophiles.


dickiebo said...

I wouldn't get too worked up about paedophiles, Annette. They'll probably be OK soon.
Yesterday, homosexuality was a crime.
Today, it is not a crime.
Tomorrow, it will probably be compulsory.
Everything comes to he who waits - at least, in this country of ours.

deb said...

How is "cured" determined? Is there a way to assure permanent cure? Who determines it? AND Are they sure?

Desana said...

Good for people to know.