Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My god the sun is shining after 3 days of pi....oh sorry, I mean persistant rain.
I have hung my washing out and now will do the garden. Which I may add, I do enjoy.

That's great but now Geoff is in bed with......man flu!!!

I'm going to buy a big bar of chocolate...and eat the bloody lot!!!

What a better way to end the Bank holiday!!


Annette said...

It's now 2.45.p.m.
What was I saying about it being sunny?
Back to the chocolate.

Girl*Next*Door said...

The whole bank holiday has chucked it down here but today it's been bright sunshine & blue skies, albeit slightly fresh, talk about sod's law! Ah well, Im sure the chocolate will help, enjoy! :o)

dickiebo said...

Yea - you eat the choc dear. Don't give us a thought!

Noddy said...

Fruit and nut?

Annette said...

no,no, just milk chocolate.