Friday, June 08, 2007

Well, I've just had a funny experience.

On friday nights I take geoff out to the legion so he can play snooker with his best friend brian.
It also gives geoff a chance to have a drink as I never go out now and geoff is always driving so he cannot drink.

So, I drive to the legion, dropped geoff off and then went back to the bypass to drive home.
When I got to the bypass there was quite a lot of traffic on it so I indicated to join them and waited for a gap.
After a while this man in a white car pulled over to let me out. I put my hand up to him to thank him and drove on. The man in the white car then drove off very quickly. When suddenly, I saw this black car come up alongside me.
Now there was a speed limit on the bypass of 40 m.p.h. because they had been working on it. Everyone acknowledged that speed limit.
The man in the black car was still driving alongside me but I wasn't too bothered by this but I thought it was strange, as normally, they would just go speeding off.
I kept looking around, as you do on a bypass,when I looked to my right hand side expecting to see the black car alongside me again when I noticed.....The black car had disappeared!!

I looked around in astonishment.
Where was he?
Where did he go?

I know he didn't speed off because the car in front was the white one that let me out.
There was nowhere to turn off, it is a very long straight road.
He hadn't slowed down and gone behind me because there was a grey one behind me.

He hadn't crashed because we would have seen and heard that.

I searched high and low for him but I never did see him again!

So, please tell, if you can work it out.....where did the man in the black car go!!


totallyun-pc said...

I know that Bypass... it was built on existing Leylines... In ancient times, witches, warlocks and the undead would use this Line as a conduit between reality and the linear existance.

In 1968 a bypass was built and now, the warlocks have turned their precious mystical hands to taking without consent and ride the spectral highway in black sedans preying on motorists, kidnapping them, and sacrificing them to the dark Lord, he who cannot be named.......

either that... or your bonkers!

Noddy said...

I worry about you and cars or it could just be black magic.

Annette said...

Yes I reckon your right.
I am bonkers!
These things keep happening to me don't they?
When I get into my car I always think to myself, "now whats going to happen today!"
I am on holiday for a week now but I can't wait to get back next week to tell the girls at work about this one!!
I offer them lifts you know, but they always refuse.
I don't know why.

Annette said...

black magic?
I don't know what you would call it, but it is weird I must admit.
I would love to know where he went though.

dickiebo said...

"I offer them lifts but they always refuse..". Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings springs to mind! Mind you, sounds a bit like Thora Hird in Last of the Summer Wine to me!
Seriously, shame on you Annette, clearly you sideswiped it off the road.

deb said...

Have you checked in your trunk? Under the bonnet? Hood here. Trunk, bonnet, hood? I'm missing something. Oh yes, boot, it is! We drive on the right (correctly, right?) You drive on the left. Okay, now I'm totally confused. New in cinemas this summer: "Evil Lurks on the Bypass".

thoughts running through my head.... said...

Annette,were you drinking????

only joking!!!I like the jazzy layout as well.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Well, either it was the grey car & when it was beside you it appeared black or.....
.........You are completely & utterly mad as a box of frogs!!!!! Lol
Then again, truth is strnager than fiction.... cue X-Files music.....