Friday, April 13, 2007

Well, it had to happen on a wednesday didn't it?

I got up for work wednesday morning, and after a cup of coffee and a ciggie, I got in my car to drive to work. This was at 7.15 a.m.

I drove to the end of the road and turned right, I then approached the small roundabout.Now, I have been doing this route for years, so nothing was abnormal about it, I approached the roundabout indicating to turn right, and stopped. There was quite a few cars around which was quite amazing really as normally there is no or just a few cars at that time of the morning.

I looked both ways and slowly moved away in first gear, and then.....THUD.

I had hit a young lady who was riding her bike.

She fell off and landed in the middle of the road, I slammed the brakes on and jumped out, running to her to see she was alright.

I helped her up and took her to the side of the road.
I asked her if she wanted an ambulance but she refused.
"I'm fine." she said.
"Just give me a minute."
She was still rubbing her leg and we looked to see if she actually cut herself but luckily she hadn't.
"oh my god," I said.
Are you sure you're alright. I'm so sorry."

At this I just burst into tears.

She stood up and walked around for a few seconds, I helped her as much as I could by holding on to her, but she then told me again that she was fine and she said she would ring her husband to take her home. I offered to drive her myself, she thanked me but said it was alright.

We started to talk about what had happened, and I explained that I had my visor down as the sun was shining straight in my eyes. I just did not see her! She excepted my explaination and told me not to worry about it.We then exchanged names and addresses. Her name is Jo.

About 10 mins later her husband turned up and of course he was concerned about her,but he could see that she was alright in herself.

She turned to me and smiling she said:
"please don't worry about it, you can see I'm alright."

"Thankyou." I said. "I'll ring you tonight to make sure."
The tears started again.

I walked over to my car and sat in it, to shaky to drive. I, of course sat and had a ciggie to try and calm my nerves.
After about 10 mins I put the engine on and drove very slowly to work.

I physically shook all day and could not stop thinking about her and how good she had been about the accident.

I told everyone at work and started crying again. They were so good to me, they calmed me down.

That night I rang Jo and asked how she was.

"I'm fine, really." she said.
"But my bike is a little damamged, I'll take it in to the shop tomorrow and get it looked at. o.k.? How are you?"

"Oh, I'm fine too now,but I was so shook up by the accident, all I could think of was that it could've been a lot worse. I'm just glad you're alright." I said.

I ran my insurance to report the accident, and explained that no-one was seriously hurt.

The next day Jo ran me and explained that the tyre and the peddle on her bike was damaged and it will cost £50.00 to have then repaired.
I offered to pay it and she willingly excepted that.

"Thankyou. I will send you the receipt to prove it to you, and then we will say no more about it." she said cheerfully.

I just cannot get over how good she has been about the accident. Straight away she said she was fine and told me not to worry myself about it. But, of course, you do worry.

But I am surprised just how much this has shaken me. You drive every day and think nothing of it. I surpose you take it for granted. But now,I am thinking about taking a refresher course. It has really shaken me.

I don't think I will forget this incident for a long time.


Noddy said...

You do realise you are writing this on Friday the 13th? Be careful!

By the way, the tears were just a natural reaction or what's called delayed shock.

Personally I blame all this road congestion on NuLab and the lack of decent public transport. What you gonna do about it eh?

Annette said...
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totallyun-pc said...

Tut Tut! Bloody women drivers!

What? you wanted sympathy from a copper?

I'm joking babes. I feel for you. Your a good person (despite the Labour thing) and I know something like this would shock a big heart like you. Stay safe and take care

Oh, and stop doing your lipstick in the mirror! X

Annette said...

Thanks tupc:
Yes, I must stop doing my make up while I'm driving!
Putting on the mascara is the hardest.Trying to steer with one hand is hard you know!!
Lovely comment from you, even if you do vote for the opposition!

Thanks again. xxx

dickiebo said...

We all make mistakes, Annette. I was an Advanced Met Police Driver and have made my fair share. I always think that the best thing is to try and learn from our mistakes. God willing.

Annette said...

I never gave the date a thought actually!
It wasn't congestion that caused was me.
But as I said the lady concerned was so good about the whole thing, I can't thank her enough.