Sunday, May 27, 2007

I don't think I have ever felt so down for a long time.
I am sat here watching the rain falling, and listening to it spitting at my windows.

It's a bank holiday and as always the weather is awful.

It's not that we had anything in particular planned but when it's dark and raining it's depressing isn't it?

Sorry to be a moaner.

I'll stop now!


dickiebo said...

Tis bright sunshine in Swansea.
Put the kettle on, gal.

Annette said...

Would love to.

totallyun-pc said...

just to cheer you up.......

A Superintendent is lay in bed with his wife, when she turns to him and says

"darling, If I die, do you think you would ever re-marry?"

The Superintendent says "I hadn't given it much thought dear, but yes maybe"

"and where would you live, if you did?"

"well here I suppose," he says looking around the room.

"And would you sleep in this bed?" she asked

"maybe" he said, "I suppose so yes"

"what about my wedding ring?! would you let her wear it?"

"I don't know he said, maybe, why?"

" oh, no reason, just wondering dear, what about my golf clubs, would you let her have them?"

"oh god no" the Superintendent says sitting up indignantly

"oh!" says the wife, "you would live in my our house, give away my ring, and sleep in our bed but you wouldn't let her use my golf clubs? i don't understand!"

"she's left handed!" he says!