Monday, March 12, 2007

well, yet another blonde moment....only this time not just me.

I had an appointment at the Opticians at 1.30 p.m. today, so geoff decided he would come along to.

We arranged that geoff would meet me at Asda at 1.15p.m. after he had done some shopping.
Sure enough, he was waiting and we got into his car to drive to the town centre to go to the opticians.

After choosing new glasses which I desperately needed, we left the opticians and got into geoff's car and drove home.

Arriving home I suddenly had a thought (Now, that is dangerous!!)
I turned to geoff and said:


Geoff looked at me and said:

"What about it?"

I looked at him and said in a rather disbelieving voice:

I've done it again, MY CAR IS IN THE TOWN!"

With that, we both burst out laughing and turned the car round to drive straight back into town to retrieve my car!!!

How can we both forget my car?

Yet again it was left.

I can't get over it. Twice I have left my car.

Can't wait to tell the girls at work.

I don't think they would believe you?


Alastair said...

These moments are becoming very familiar to me these days, I call them senior moments as I wander about in a daze trying to remember
a) what I was going to do
b) where I was going

I then get another cup of coffee only to discover two full cups on my desk.


totallyun-pc said...

Thanks babes X