Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I have never wanted to use this blog site as a "Have a go at Asda" page, but I must admit that something has happened at work which has made my blood boil!

I have been at Asda now for 16 years, not a lot has happened in those years but now it has.

They brought in a new pay structure about 5 years ago. This is called the "New World." pay structure.

This meant that any new employees would be put on this New World pay structor.
The new employees would have to work Sundays and every bank holiday.

For working Sundays you are paid time and a half.
Bank Holidays you are paid time and a half.

However they are paid 53p an hour more than the "Old World" employees.

I am one of the "old world" employees....we are paid the minimum wage of £5.35 per hour and we get paid double time for sundays.

Employees like myself who have been there a number of years, could choose whether to go on to the new world pay. If you worked Mondays it wasn't really worth it because you would also have to Bank Holidays. If you did Sundays as overtime you would be paid time and a half.

I did not change over because I do work Mondays and although I have done Bank Holidays, as overtime, I admit that stopped some years ago, I prefer to spend some time with my family on these days.
I do work sundays mornings as overtime.

I have now received a letter from Asda informing me that I, along with everybody else who is on old world, will from 5-8-07 be transferred to the New World pay structure.

We will be paid the standard rate of £5.88

There will be no overtime rate for sundays, just the flat rate of £5.88

We will now have to work Bank Holidays.

I worked it out that although my hourly rate is slightly higher (by 53p) the biggest loss will be the overtime at the standard rate.

It will mean a loss of £34.00 per month.

How can Asda do this to their employees?

I do not want to except this offer.

I will be talking to my union official about this matter.

I will let you know what happens.


TotallyUn-Pc said...

gobsmacked.... but I know nothing about wages.... can't your union give em hell?

Ours can't do much when they dump on us. (and they do, a lot) just as well I suppose, there would be anarchy!

so £34.00 you'll have to stop going down the beauty parlour... you don't need it anyway!

McNoddy said...

What about 'Real World' pay scales with triple time for Wednesdays!

dickiebo said...

"Heads we win, tails you lose". Sorry! Either you put up with it or we take our business to India.

Fitaloon said...

Hi Annette, Alastair here, Noddy's brother as you correctly surmised.

Sorry to here about your troubles at work, Big business doesn't seem to care about its employees much of the time, except when it wants something.
Rule 1 is to do it to them before they do it to you, the only problem is working out what 'it' is.

Nice blog if a bit pink!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I'm not sure they can make you work Sundays-they couldnt when I worked in retail a couple of years ago anyway-I am *so* glad I got out of retail-they really want their pound of flesh the bastards!