Sunday, March 18, 2007

New World pay at Asda.

I have spoken to my union official concerning the new pay measures Asda will be bringing in by August, and he was not as disgruntled about the situation as I was.
When I explained about the loss of overtime pay I would lose, he said that I should work out what it will mean over the year.

So I did.

My new wage per hour will be £5.88 x 20hrs per week x 4= £470.00 x 12=£5644.8

My wage now per hour is £5.35 x 20hrs per week x 4=£428.00 x 12=£5136.oo

So, in fact, I will be gaining £508.00 per year, and I would not need to do any overtime.

It's funny how we all said we would lose out, but now we have sat down and worked it out over the year we are all saying we will actually gain. This is because the new rate of pay is 53p an hour more.

For once Asda has done something good for their employees.


Noddy said...

But you still have to work Wednesdays.

totallyun-pc said...

The money just rrrrrrrrollls in....

what ya gonna do with the extra cash annette? what ya gonna do?

Ps. sorry about the lump! (in your throat, i mean... ;-)

Glad it had an impact. got a bit emotional writing it actually. But don't tell anyone..... Doh!