Sunday, March 04, 2007

We decided that our bedroom needed decorating after looking at the same wallpaper year after year. We could not decide which wallpaper to choose so after a while we decided to paint it.
Actually, geoff did all the painting as I am useless with that sort of thing.

We now have got a lovely bedroom with pink walls (has to be doesn't it?) and a blue ceiling.


Looks so warm.

Now,we had a built-in wardrobe but the doors where tatty and hanging off their hinges! So we decided to buy a new one,so off we go to all the shops and eventually we saw one we both liked and then waited for it to be delivered. Sure enough it came. God it was huge........and it was in boxes.

Have you ever tried to assembly a wardrobe?

Well, we looked at the instructions and ?!?!?

Have they sent the right ones I wondered. What is all these things in a packet? What are those nuts and bolts for?

I quickly explained to Geoff that I had to go to work and left him to it. I came home expecting the wardrobe to be built and walked into the bedroom to find Geoff still looking at the instructions, so I knew it wasn't going to be a quick job.

Three weeks later,(yes, three weeks!) with some help from me, the wardrobe was built and as you can expect the bedroom was in a bit of a mess.

So armed with the old pledge and hoover up I went to clean it. Then I saw it.......the old record player we had hidden in a corner. Geoff had got it out and dusted it down, and put it in a corner of the bedroom.


I got out all the old L.P.s, and picked my old ,old favourites.

T.Rex. Electric Warrior.

What a band.

I think a lot of people would agree that It was the lead singer,Marc Bolan, who made that group.
I loved him.

Unfortunately, on september 16th 1977 he died. He was involved in a car accident which skidded and his car hit a tree. He was killed instantly. He was 30 years old.

Music has never been the same since.

It took me back 20 years or more. I remember when I first heard them, 1974 I believe and I was at school.I went out and bought the first T.Rex album, and played it till my parents asked me to give them a rest from it. I could not understand why anyone could not like their music.

When it came to christmas I, of course, asked for another T.Rex album. Which my parents brought for me on the condition I would only play it when they were out.

I'm glad I kept those albums and I would never throw them away.

What albums do you have which you are glad you never threw away?


totallyun-pc said...

I've got all the Queen collection on vinyl. including the Larry Lurex first edition. (Freddie under a psuedenym) Even when Cd's were in, I still bought the record instead, so that I had them all on vinyl... I'll never give them up... some are worth a fortune, imorted from all over the world....

I've got some KISS imports too which are worth a few bob, but i never want to lose them.... so they aren't worth anything other than sentiment... haven't been played for years!

Noddy said...

I think Electric Warrior was the second LP I bought for myself. The first was Bridge over Troubled Water.
Both still classics.

PS Why do wimmen always say they are useless at decorating and get away with it. I say I'm useless at ironing and still have to do it!