Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Is it just me? Why do I always have to have a blonde moment?

Having worked in Asda for many years, 16, to be precise, and knowing how busy we get at christmas time, the one thing we all do is book a weeks hols in Jan or Feb so we can have a rest.
Well, yes I booked last week off and I had a lovely week at home. We went out and about and isn't it nice not to have to watch the clock all the time.

Anyway, I returned to work on Monday and as we were quite busy I wasn't surprised when they didn't send me for my break at my normal time, approx.10.00 a.m.

Suddenly my manager came up to me and she said:

"Annette, I noticed you haven't had your break, do you know why?"

I looked at her and said:

"Well, probably because we are busy, you know I don't mind if I go a bit later."

She smiled and said:

"Well, actually, I couldn't find you on the break list, so I looked at the list of checkouts that was in this morning and did you know you are still on holiday?"

"On holiday!" I said. "I had last week off, so what do you mean?"

She looked at me and smiled.

"Don't you remember you booked a floating day off today?"

"Oh, no I don't remember that." I said.

"Well," she said. "You did......but that's alright you can book another day instead. I'll let the wages dept know."

Well at this, everybody just burst out laughing and pointing at me they said something like:

"Oh Annette, can't you remember your own hols?"

I turned to them and laughing I said:

"Listen guys, if I can leave my car outside spar all night I can easily forget my hols."

Needless to say I never heard the end of this all day.

It was hilarious.

But I admit I was rather embarrased!


Noddy said...
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Noddy said...

My holidays are over and I'm back to work tomorrow - I'm positive about that!

p.s. You could always take a Wednesday off!

totallyun-pc said...

Nutter.... did you slap your bum twice for luck! ?

totallyun-pc said...

thanks annette.. no i didn't... would have taken way too long....

Noddy said...

Thought you might like this

totallyun-pc said...

How did he find that picture of you annette?

Black in Blue said...

I am now going to call you Pinkie. Thanks for the kind comments. I can't have blonde moments!

Noddy said...

TUPC - I had this vision more in mind of the annihilator!

Noddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noddy said...

The Asda Annihilator responded...

Noddy re picture:

Wow, brill.

That is me for sure!!

If you mix the two pictures together and have a young lady with
the figure of 36..24...36....and a sword in each hand.....that is me!!!

Well,we can all dream can't we!?!

.....Off for a cold shower!

totallyun-pc said...

I'm dreaming....

blueknight said...

We used to have an additional floating rest day which you could never remember. More than one PC came running into the nick at at 5.59 am only to find that...

Annette said...

By the way...I have booked another day off.....and yes, it's a wednesday!!

Squadron Leader said...

Hi Annette. I turned in for a night shift this week to be met by people from 2 other shifts, and none from my shift. I thought that I'd come in on the wrong day, until they told me they were doing an operation. So, there you see, it's not just you!