Monday, March 19, 2007

Last Thursday I did a Dickiebo.

Feeling very angry at something that had happened at work (with another checkout girl I mean), I sat here and wrote the most awful blog.
I went on and on about this girl at work who is not exactly the most hardest working person you could meet. In fact she is one of the most laziest people I have known.
I blogged and blogged for hours. Letting off some of my anger and frustration.
My language was disgusting...every four letter word you have heard and probably some you haven't.

When I had finished I went to publish it, and guess what, it wouldn't publish!

I couldn't believe it. I thought of Dickiebo straight away, he also had a problem with publishing a blog he did. His computer crashed.

But it made me wonder, was it someone, somewhere not allowing me to publish that blog?
I am in fact glad that none of you ever saw it, it was really awfull.

But as you know this is our only outlet, and sometimes you just need to say what you are feeling.

Sometimes happy, sometimes sad,
Sometimes dappy, sometimes mad.

Perhaps when I've calmed down a bit and can write in a more reasonable mood, I'll tell you about it.


dickiebo said...

Annette; before tupc gets in, I can tell you that what u suffered was a 'blogloss'!
Funny thing what you say, though, because when I thought about my loss afterwards, I came to the conclusion that perhaps it was Divine Intervention. You see, it was a somewhat personal blog which, perhaps, should not have been published. So, who knows?

totallyun-pc said...

I'd still be interested to know what swear words you have that I have not yet heard annie?