Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is a picture I took of our christmas tree in the back garden. Please excuse the mess there, I forgot to move it!
We brought this tree for christmas about 10 years or more and it was a lot smaller then. After christmas we didn't really know what to do with it so I suggested we planted in the back garden, I must admit we were laughing when we did this as we didn't expect anything to happen. Well, it didn't for about 5 years and we kept saying we should dig it up but of course never got round to it, and then, suddenly, it sprouted. Up it came and it has just rocketed, it must be 6ft or more.
But the reason I took this photograph was because it looked so pretty with the snow on it and we had put christmas tree lights on it. However, the photo hasn't come out as nice as I thought it would, but what I love is if you look to the left of the tree you can see the moon and even better the bright stars.
It's the best photo I have ever taken of the moon!
So, although my intention was to show off the christmas tree, I'll leave you with the moon!!!


Foody said...

That will make Kippers Dickie happy because he likes redundant Christmas trees to find caring homes.

Kippers Dickie said...

It HAS made me very happy Annette.
I always feel sad to see all those trees being 'minced' up for compost after Christmas. When we were children we had a small one in the garden that Dad used to dig up every year to bring indoors. Of course it eventually got too big and had to stay in the ground.
You tree looks 'very happy' there in the snow. It would make a good Christmas card for next year.