Sunday, November 22, 2009

Geoff and I were going on holiday tomorrow.
Thats right, I said were.
I came home from work on wednesday to find geoff in his chair (thats not unusual actually!) with his foot up on a chair.
I looked at it and nearly screamed.
It was huge.
His foot had swollen so much you could hardly see his toes.
We knew exactly what it was.
He had this a few years ago in his right foot, now he's got it in his left foot.It is so painful.
I got a cold compress on it which helped with the pain but when we took the compress of it hadn't done a lot of help with the swelling.
We knew it was going to take more than one compress to relieve that.
So, for 48 hours geoff stayed in his chair and even slept in it,but we knew he wanted tablets for this,so went to doctors and got a prescription, tablets,and they have helped a lot.
Geoff went up to bed yesterday (saturday) and he's stayed there all day and today.
He is more comfortable in bed.
I am keeping very fit, running up and down stairs.

We were going to Eastbourne, I love that place and was so looking forward to going there. We haven't had the best of years, have we?
Never mind, these things happen.

Look forward to the new year and we'll go next year.
We both need a holiday then!


dickiebo said...

Been there (Gout!) and got the t-shirt!!! Only anti-inflamms will help - and they tear your stomach apart!! Fine choice, ain't it?
I love Eastbourne. My former in-laws had a caravan at Pevensey Bay. Spent many a happy day there when the kids were small.

Sage said...

poor you and poor geoff, hope he feels better soon xx