Friday, November 06, 2009

Poor, poor snowdrop, she looks so relaxed and cute in this photo but right now, she isn't! shes petrified.
Everybody has decided to do their bonfire night tonight!
All you can hear is bangers, and sizzling noises coming from all directions.
Snowdrop is hiding, cuddled up behind the sofa, shaking.
I remember our first dog, Lady,she was a cross collie alsation so she was a big dog but we had to give her valium!
She wouldn't go out in the back garden for a week after bonfire night, because she thought she was going to come across some more fireworks.
Bless her.
Our second dog, Becky, who was a butterfly dog and not very big at all,was the exact opposite. She wasn't afraid of anything or anyone.
She looked out the window in awe of the fireworks.
She loved it.
So, I'll go and give snowdrop a big cuddle.(thats my excuse!)
and just be thankful it's only once a year!!!

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Kippers Dickie said...

Poor little Snowdrop. Mine go under the kitchen sink in the cupboard.
Some years I get a large cardboard box and cover it with cushions and pillows. This year I had an old duvet going spare so I made a little shelter. (picture on my blog)
Hope you are all keeping well, and especially Snowdrop.