Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Well, that was a good start to my blogging, wasn't it?
Got the wrong day. I don't know, Lets blame geoff.

I was sat on the sofa having a cuppa when I read up about a programme that was going to be on T.V. on the 16th Sept (yes, that is the right day!) and I was trying to work out when the 16th was, I turned to geoff and asked what todays date was and he said it was the 9th.
I jumped up, all excited and ran to the computer exclaiming that I must tell everyone the date.
I smiled as I put it on my blog site thinking I was so clever, and I did wonder why nobody else had mentioned it.
Anyway, I left it and after a while went back to my blog site to see whether anyone else had realised the date.
Well, you can just see my face when I read your replies.
Wrong day!

OMG, I took a big swallow and you know when you just want the floor to open up and swallow you.

LOL or what!!!

I told geoff he had the wrong date, and he swore he hadn't. We had to look on the calender to check it.
He had......got the wrong date.

So, you see, we'll blame geoff (hehe)

Never mind, 09-09-09 tomorrow,
Have a nice day, everyone.

(and a wednesday, at that!!!)


deb said...

I sure miss being married. No one to blame, lol!

dickiebo said...

You blame anybody you want, Annie! lol.

Noddy said...

I'd put it down to OCD.

Annette said...

Yes, I did wonder!!!

Vetnurse said...

oh someone else with dateitis :-)