Sunday, June 07, 2009

Well, it's been a while again hasn't it? Since I blogged I mean.
I am reading yours but just don't seem to have time to blog myself. Never mind, I will get back into it once geoff is better.
Talking about geoff, he is doing very well but the worrying thing is he has to go back to hospital because his rate is still going to fast and it is now irregular. They have told us that what they do now is stop his heart and re-start it (!!!)
However this is a day job, he won't stay in, he will need someone to drive him home.
OMG, they do that in a day???
We don;t know when it will be we are waiting for the appointment. So, they have told us he is not an 'urgent' case.
In fact talking to different people about this we have found out that they have had this done and they are fine now. So, thats a very good sign.
Will let you know what happens when it does.
I have had a bit of trouble getting geoff out of the house actually, he was just sitting in his chair and not doing nuffink.
Well, the doctors have told us that there is fact nothing wrong with his heart at all, this is just a bleep, so geoff should behave as normal, but he didn't. We can all guess why, but as I told him, he's doing more damage by sitting around and not getting any exercise. So, after a few words, and yes, it did get a bit heated (well, I did!) I must admit, I finally got him out of the house.
I took geoff into town and we had a lovely walk around for about an hour, we met some friends and they were talking to him and that made him feel better, the second day we just went for a walk round the block and so it went on. The next week he went into his normal routine and even done the shopping! So, thats the road to recovery, isn't it?

So, what do think about the election results then, eh??
Not surprising that labour lost a lot of seats. I think we knew that was going to happen.

Anyway, I was going to say enjoy the summer sun is now raining.

Speak to you soon.


Kippers Dickie said...

I'm glad to hear things are OK and that it is not 'urgent'.
This sounds a bit like doing a 'reboot' on your computer!
Best wishes....Bernard

Hogday said...

If the ticker ticks OK then you're right to get it ticking, Annette. We don't stop doing things because we get old, we get old because we stop doing things. Fingers crossed the NHS fix him up right and proper. Nothing can stop a positive mental attitude.

dickiebo said...

Annie: Please drop by and collect your award some time!

Sage said...

Hope you and Geoff are ok, sorry I haven't been around, took a vacation from life for a little while but I'm back with a vengeance... for a little longer :-)