Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This bl***y computer. Honestly, I was just about to do the tagging blog I had received from deb (thankyou for that )when I suddenly realised I cannot print pictures like I used to and whenever I try to blog it just well, blows up.
Not literacy I must admit but really, these things!
On saturday a friend came round and stayed for about 3 hours trying to sort it out, and he did, but now we don't know where we are with it.
He's changed everything.
I know he meant well and he explained everything to us but now he's gone............GGGGRRRRR............
You know what it's like.
So, please bear with me. Hopefully I will be with you soon.
I can read yours, I just can't do mine.
Someone trying to tell me something, don't you think??!!



deb said...

Yep, a real love/hate relationship. Yesterday my email server decided to block mail from my pianotech list server. I've been getting this mailing forever (it seems) and all of a sudden...nothing. Emailed the list administrator and after several complaints to my email server and a day's wait...finally back.

Mostly I just keep poking at things until they work.

Kippers Dickie said...

Deb says "Mostly I just keep poking at things until they work."

Thirty years ago I tried that with my wife.......she left me!!!!