Wednesday, April 08, 2009

All is quiet and not even snowdrop, my cat. moves.
The T.V. is lowered to a whisper and geoff is sat in his chair not stirring or uttering a word. The telephone is sat in a corner huddled along with all the other rubbish that should really be in the bin.
The washing up sits on the draining board...just waiting quietly,
The washing machine is standing there in awe.
The girls at work walk pass me silently so not to disturb me,
The sweat is pouring off me and I will I have to go to the doctor, I know I must go........

I must get my H.R.T. tablets.


Sage said...

Poor you, I think I was lucky not to get any symptoms whatsoever in fact was only told it was over when getting checked out for contraception... but you might like to try the ladycare magnet system to see if that helps it isn't expensive to try it and I have seen both good and bad reviews about it.

Kippers Dickie said...

I had to look up HRT in my little book on "Foods that Heal".
It says 'You need more Calcium to prevent loss of bone mass. (ie Osteoporosis).
In order to absorb Calcium your body needs vitamin D. (now for the crunch)....OILY FISH are an excellent source....tinned sardines with edible bones..!!!(crunch crunch)
Sorry, I know you don't like fish.

Constable said...

Oh poo Annie, hope you can sort something out. You have to before you end up on the darkside.

So young checkout is the darkside you seek is it?

Sorry for the rubbish starwars quote there, but please go to the docs.

Regards + x


dickiebo said...

This is one of the few times that Dickiebo is at a loss for words, not knowing anything about the subject matter. I just hope you 'Get well soon'!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that GUYS needed HRT
You learn something everyday!