Friday, February 20, 2009

This is my grandfather, Frank Ponting.

He is my mother's father.

Frank was born on February 13th 1902.

He grew up and joined the Grenadier guards and became a sergeant, he met my grandmother, Lilian, and they married.

They had two children, a boy and girl, unfortunately the boy died a few hours old. (What they now call a cot death.) Leaving one girl, Ruth, my mum.

My mum was born on the 19th May 1929.

Frank was at Chelsea barracks and he was discharged from the Grenadier guards on the 7th June 1937 and he took a job as a security man at Batas.

During this time he became very ill with T.B. (Tuberculosis)

Frank died on the 3rd January 1938.
He was 36 years old.

He is buried at Old Marston, Oxford.

My grandmother died on the 15th June 1986, aged 86 years.

In all this time my grandmother rarely talked about 'her frank' but she did have a photograph of him, in uniform, hanging in her flat. It was there for years until she died. If I can find that photo I will show you.

My mum never found out what year they were married as she felt she couldn't ask my nan and my nan never spoke of it.

All my mum remembers is an ambulance coming to the house, bells ringing, (no sirens then) and a few hours later my nan walking into the house and saying:

"He's gone, Ruth."

She sat down and cried all night.

My nan never remarried.

I cannot explain why I am fascinated by him, it could be because I never met him and I often think about what he has missed, in the sense of grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

He was so young to be taken.

I have printed some photos of him in uniform and also of his 25 silver spoons he won at shooting. He did this at Bisley.
My favourite ones are the ones that have rifles as handles.
My mum has had these for years, she will never let them go.

That's all really, I can't say anymore as we just don't know anymore.
I wish I did.


Constable said...

Quiet, dignified and well meant.

Thank you x


Sage said...

A great man, loved by his family no wonder you are fascinated by him.. so am I.. all those questions you must have wanted to be able to ask and silent photos are your only answers..

The Dotterel said...

Moving tribute.

Hogday said...

Excellent post Annette.

The Guards Regiments will undertake enquiries for you if you contact them direct. They may well be able to provide details of his service record. Details are within this website: