Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Well, I've just put the christmas decorations away, two christmas trees.
That's all the decorations we have now, it just makes it feel like christmas, and to be truthful, that's enough. There's just the two of us.
We always leave it till the 12th day. (Jan 6th) before we take them down as geoff's parents did the same when he was a child so he has continued with the same tradition.
I do actually enjoy christmas it's the new year I'm not bothered about. I don't mean I don't look forward to a new year as I do, but it's new year's eve itself I'm not bothered about. We stay in as it's not worth even trying to go out for these reasons:
1 One of you can't drink because of driving.
2 Everyone else gets blotto.
3 Everyone gets very loud and boisterous.
4 Can't stand all the kissing at midnight with people I don't know, and probably will never see again.

No, no, we stay in and have a nice quiet night , just having a drink at midnight, then go to bed at 12.10 or earlier if I can!
Then wake up the next day and be glad it's over.

Just been looking at the blogs and as always Dickiebo's is always one of the first.
It does make me laugh, when you make a comment do you see the funny little faces that are printed by your name?
Mine makes me laugh.....it has a plaster over it's mouth.

Now, I'm going to sit down and watch my fav programme 'new Tricks' seen all of those many times before but still enjoy it.

Anyway, enough about this boring old f**t (me!) I do hope you all had a nice christmas, now the diets, eh???


Sage said...

I usually sleep new year in, such a newsworthy item that it gets forgotten but this year spent it with SOH's family and would have been rude to go to bed before midnight. I love going to visit all the blogs that I read, yours, dickiebo, elaine and many others too many to mention here.. Makes my day seem that little bit brighter to know my 'friends' are around and about.

deb said...

Rockport's NYE event was visited upon by a snowstorm and frigid temps. Some of the performers did not show up at their venues, attendance was way down, only about 50 showed up for the ball drop, and the entire event finished out $12,900.00 in the red.

technology said...