Thursday, January 08, 2009

I was just looking through all your blogs , as I do every day, when it hit me that a lot of bloggers haven't posted for a while. Now, I am not including those that have not posted since christmas because I believe that is usually due to the work load at this time of year.
I know I have made a list on my blog site but that is just a few of them, I keep my blogging friends in 'favourites' at the top of the page. Purely because it is easier to call them up, so to speak. So, I went back to the page and went through all the police blogs and this is what I found:

33 police bloggs still in action.
10 police bloggers that has not blogged for a while.

The 10 police bloggers that have not posted for a while are:
Dad to be ( has not blogged since) 27 may 2008
Another bloody grumpy copper 15 aug 2008
Another constable 15 oct 2008
Carry on constable 12 nov 2008
Gazzateer 14 Apr 2008
Bobby dazzler 24 may 2008
Franky fact 9 Jun 2008
P C Plod 9 Jun 2008
TUPC 11 nov 2008
Wannabe 19 Jun 2008
We know that TUPC has finished and so has Wannabe, but what's happened to all the others?
You feel that you know them even though you have never met them.
I really miss them.
I also have 16 other non police blogger friends.
Keeps me busy and I love it.


deb said...

My goodness, Annette. I was just going through my list of favorites and thinking, "Gee, some of these people haven't written anything in a while. I miss them." And here you go thinking the same thing!

sticker said...